4 Reasons to Use a Lift Chair

Lift chairs are common enough. However, not everyone knows the ins and outs of what they are and why they are useful. Think of a recliner, but with all the bells and whistles that someone might need.

Decrease Pain Level

Joint pain is a part of many people’s life. The ability to decrease it is a priority when able.  Sitting and standing in a normal recliner puts a strain on knee and hip joints. Compounding the discomfort with the use of arm strength to stand, the tension adds up.

Lift chairs give relief to aches and pains and loosen up natural stiffness from sitting in a regular armchair.

Safe & Sound

People take safety for granted until an accident happens.  Sitting and standing causes more strain that someone thinks.  Lift chairs assist with both motions.  The natural process of getting up and down is easier and safer when utilizing a lift chair. 

Emotional comfort is as important as physical. Putting the mind at ease leads to a better quality of life knowing you are safe and sound.

Remarkable Repositioning

Lift chairs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and cushion firmness. The range of positions, even makes a lift chair comfortable to nap in.  The sometimes-dual motors allow for feet and back control to work separately.

Finding the perfect position for physical comfort is more than possible. It is a reality with lift chairs.

Amazing Increase in Activity

Getting in and out of a chair without trouble or pain automatically increases activity. The lift mechanisms in a lift chair keep a person from exerting themselves with simple movements. The energy saved is then available to use for things you enjoy and not wasted on sitting and standing from an armchair.