4 Types of gold chain that you need to know of

Gold chains are a staple in any man or woman’s jewellery collection. It is one of those accessories that go hand in hand without any complaints. If you have been looking around for a gold chain that can become a staple for your wardrobe, we have a list of the best types available.

While buying, be it the 8-gram gold chain price or even something lesser, it is necessary that you compare the prices with the other available ones in the market. This provides you with a better idea of the best kinds to avail. Gold is becoming an asset and investment factor, so if you have the money, buy gold without second thoughts.

Types of Gold Chain

To give you a better idea into the available options, we are here to share some of the types of gold chains available. This will act as a guide for you to check which type you would love to buy and take a look into.

Bead chain

This is the type of gold chain which is made out of consecutive small beads of gold joined together. These are typically linked together to create a chain. They can either be conjoined or sometimes even have space between them.

These are perfect with western attired to give you that street style chic look you have been aiming for. If you have a small crystal pendant, it will definitely go well with the overall look. The only downside to it is the fact that they can break easily which can be a Debbie Downer.

Cable chains

This is possibly the most common type of chain available in the market. They can come a little costly owing to the kind of gold that goes into making them. If you have been looking out for the 5-gram gold chain rate, it is important that you tally it from multiple stores.

Much like the previous one, even this includes a series of oval hollow rings which are then interconnected to form a chain. They are a staple for every woman or men’s jewelry collection and can be worn with multiple types of outfits. They are quite sturdy in comparison to the other variants.

Curb chain

This form of the chain is very popular among the rappers and you will find them in big chunks dangling around their necks. It is not something everyone can pull off, but it does ass a very hipster vibe to it. If you like the style, you can even make them into a more feminine subdues with a thinner variant.

Rope chain

Last but not least include the rope chain which resembles everything you would find in a rope. They do contain metal segments which are then connected in a twisting pattern for the appearance that you have going around with it.

There multiple types of chains available in the market. It is very important to ensure that you pick the one that is versatile and is made out of good quality and reliable gold as well.