5 Money Making Apps Best to Use

The common statement goes money is the root of all evil, and we can all agree to disagree with that, but the abusive use and greed for money can be the root of all evil. Money is not a want; it is a need for us to live in comfort and harmony. Needing money is not bad, as long as you use it for good reasons and not step onto someone else’s shoes. 

Extra hustling and doing sidelines is expectedly common today, especially since we are now experiencing this pandemic and negatively affecting most people’s employment.  Life and jobs now exist online, and it is better to keep up with the demands to survive. Here are five best money making apps for you to keep the hustle going while doing your current job:


Are you thinking about investing in stocks? Acorns is at the top of the list in the best money making apps. With Acorns, you can elevate your thinking, earn more cash, and spend smarter. You can link your accounts to the app to start making investments and utilize their round-up systems to efficiently produce good returns. 

About 40 percent of millennials doubt their investing capacity in the stock market industry. Acorns removes that barrier, for you can invest for as low as $5! This app is ideal for starters because it has a simpler structure than other stock market apps, and you can start with low investments with smaller fees. 


When you hear Airbnb’s brand, it already rings a bell for extra money-making as long as you have the necessary stuff. If you have an extra, vacant apartment or condominium unit, you can convert from an ordinary appreciating asset to a continuously appreciating asset with loads of additional income through Airbnb!

Although you can gain the most with Airbnb because of the high range of income it can offer, it also has a very competitive environment. Gauging the rates of your room accommodation shall balance with its design, content, and condition. You also have to consider the rate of your surrounding competitors. Nevertheless, Airbnb is a good app for money-making.   


As students, books are our best friends throughout, from elementary to college. They serve as our reference and source of factual information. However, they tend to become useless when we graduate and start working as professionals. The actual demands of our jobs may differ from what we have read from our textbooks. How do you get rid of them? 

You paid for these books in the first place, so it is better to make money out of them. Bookscouter is the app to scan your books and their barcodes to validate their value in the market. This app guides you when and where to sell your books with the appropriate market. It also does not require listing or shipping fees; best pick for maximizing your textbooks!


Shopaholics are people who are addicted to shopping. If you are one of those people, then you might also find this app addicting! Imagine using an app wherein you can earn from your addiction? Drop is where you gain cashback while shopping. Similar to other money-making apps, connecting your accounts and cards make it functional. 

You can choose your five favorite brands where you usually shop; it could be for transportation, food, coffee, clothing apparel, etc. As easy as its money-making is, it is also convenient to use, for it does not require verifications, codes, or log-ins. Connect your card, and Drop will do the rest for you. 


Photographers and videographers have a good income on their usual transactions. But given this new normal, it has been troublesome for them to get back on their feet and earn as large as before. Weddings and other events are less because of this pandemic, and of course, less income for them. Good thing, there is an app like Foap to keep them alive through online.

You can make good money through Foap by selling your artistic work online. You can upload photos and videos, then different companies and brands will purchase them from you. Although Foap can also earn from your work, this is still a win-win situation wherein you can all earn together at reasonable rates. 


The new normal forces us to leave our traditional ways of living and work up to the digital age. Schooling, working, buying, and selling is now done mostly online. Although some may not be favorable for this type of modern way of living, we also have to keep in mind that we need to move forward to keep providing food in our tables. 

These five money-making apps can be of good help to continue being profitable despite this pandemic situation. Working online is the trend, so make the most of it. Technological advancements are not only made to make profits for bigger corporate entities; they can also serve as our bridge to earn a better living.