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5 Tips To Avoid Water Damage In Your Home

When you own your own home there are certain things you will want to do to minimize repair bills. One of the things you will want to do is to make sure you do not get water damage to your home. Water damage can be very expensive and hard to fix, so if you do get water damage simply call water damage restoration Suffolk County. Water damage can cause little damage or a lot of damage depends on how fast you stop the problem.

However, there are a few things you can do to prevent water damage to your home. Here we are going to go over a few of the things you can do to prevent water damage to your home.

First off one of the most important things to know is where the water shut off to your home is. Knowing where the shut off is will help you in many different ways because if there is ever a problem you can simply run out and shut off the water to the whole house. The water shut off is typically located outside near the street. It will either be in a concrete box or slightly under the ground with a cover over it.

You may also want to look on the side of your home or near the back of your home, it could be there, no matter where it is located it is important for you to locate it. Either way it will be simple to get to. Knowing where it is, is half the battle already won.

Next you will want to test and check the water valve. Once you have located the emergency shut off valve you will want to test it to make sure it works properly. Testing it before there is a problem is the best way to make sure it works so if you do need it, you will know that it works.

Sometimes, you will need some lubricant or some tools to turn the valve because it may not have been used in a long time making it stiff and difficult to turn. While you are testing the valve it will be a good idea to mark the emergency water shut off valve so that you know exactly where it is in case you need it in the middle of the night.

Third you will want to let faucets drip when it is extremely cold outside. Leaving the water drip during cold nights will prevent your water from freezing up and busting the pipes. When you leave the water on air can escape and water can continue to run through the pipes making it less likely for them to freeze and bust.

Next you will want to take note in your water bill. Notice how much you pay each month and make sure there is no spike in the bill. If there is a spike in the water bill more than likely you have a water leak somewhere. Remember finding the leak early is the best way to prevent damage.

Lastly check your pipes on a regular basis. When you check your pipes look for cracks,erosion, rust or leaky spots in the pipes. With age the pipes become more prone to damage and will more likely have damage to them. A damaged pipe will cause massive leaks and then you have massive repair bills.

Always remember it is much easier to catch a bad pipe before it burst. However, if you do have damage simply look for water damage restoration Suffolk County to help you fix your problems.