6 Facts About Silicone Sex Dolls That Will Impress Your Friends

Some time ago you decided to treat yourself to something incredible, so you ordered yourself a silicone sex doll. Having sex with it is amazing and now you want to tell your friends. Sometimes it is hard for a dude to start a conversation like this, so you have to make sure you have the right facts before telling them about your new lover.

Luckily here are the most important facts about silicone sex dolls that you can use to impress your friends, and maybe even persuade them to buy one of these dolls.

Facts that will make your friends say wow:

  1. Having sex with a silicone sex doll is so realistic that you have the feeling that you are fucking the top model!2. Silicone skin or TPE is built using the newest technological innovations, and only the best quality materials to make the skin silky-smooth to touch.

    3. With incredible amounts of different dolls, it is nearly impossible not to find the one that is going to make your hard beat faster, and your buddy grow.

    4. New sex dolls are so advanced that they have built-in AI so you can communicate with them, before, during, and after having sex.

    5. Ordering a sex doll has never been easier, and she will arrive at your doorstep in a discrete package.

    6. Apart from having sex, these sex dolls are the perfect love companion and they are good for your mental health.

    If these facts are not enough to impress your friends, or at least to make them think about sex dolls then you can always show them your doll and let them determine for themselves. After they see one of these hotties in person, it will be hard for them to say that you are wrong.

    You bought the doll for you in the first place, but it does not hurt to show her to your friends and make them understand all of the love and affection she is giving to you. Plus, the sex with one of these works of art is simply incredible.