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Air Conditioners And Evaporative Coolers Are Not The Same

With summertime drawing close, most people prefer to dwell on the classic summer moments like a dip in the pool or taking sunset walks with your dogs. However, it isn’t all sweet and fun in the summertime. There’s the harsh sunlight to think about and intense heat waves to deal with. These summertime features pose significant risks to our health. That’s why precautions are needed; the question now becomes which precaution is best between evaporative cooler vs air conditioner. Several people have made the simple mistake of thinking evaporative cooler and air conditioner are the same and operate the same. Although they both work to keep the house cool, they are very different in their operations. This article sheds more light on their differences; let’s dive in.

What is Evaporative Cooler and Air Conditioning?

To fully understand the difference between evaporative cooler vs. air conditioner, you must know what thy air. An evaporative cooler works through one of the oldest forms of cooling – evaporation. It uses the evaporation of water in the environment to make you cool. Evaporative cooler takes air from outside and passes it through wet cooling pads, which filter the air. As the water evaporates, the air slowly becomes cool. The cold air is then released into the space to make the area cool and convenient. The evaporative cooler uses outside air to ensure the hot air in the house escapes; it helps to open a window or two.

On the other hand, air conditioners remove heat from the environment with the use of chemicals. These chemicals are referred to as refrigerant gas and could easily be converted from gas to liquid and vice versa. The heat from inside the house is transferred outside while the cold air is redistributed back into the home. To prevent the refrigerant gas from escaping, air conditioners work best with all windows and doors closed. If one of the factors you’re considering in the evaporative cooler vs. air conditioner debate is energy consumption, evaporative coolers are more energy efficient.

This cooling appliance is also environmentally friendly because it only uses a fan and water to keep your home cool, unlike the chemicals found in refrigerant gas. However, evaporative coolers are only significant in specific locations, like where there’s low humidity. On the other hand, air conditioners can keep your home cool at different times and in different areas.