Alex Mendieta News

Alex Mendieta, a 34-year-old successful entrepreneur, and philanthropist doesn’t cease to surprise us. Having overcome a number of challenges posed in front of him in the last few years and being labelled as the Columbian playboy, we shed some light and share knowledge on his recent endeavors.

2020- A Year Full Of Rollercoasters

2020 has been a year full of unexpected happenings, from forest fires to the worldwide lockdown owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. This year is not going to be easily forgotten. However, for Alex, this year has been nothing less than great as he climbed more heights of success.

Despite all the economic backlog and disturbance that the world suffered due to the lockdown, Alex’s business became more successful and reached more heights. Hence, he lived up to his popular phrase, “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade factory.”

Occupied Throughout The Year

While most of the world battled with the pandemic lockdown and the subsequent slowness in business, Alex was smart enough to understand where the money would move in such a situation. As online sales rocketed, his retail business grew, and an increase in the price of bitcoin resulted in his European crypto-currency exchange record becoming massive.

Winning The Three Year Long Legal Battle

2020 was definitely a great year for Alex as he finally won the three years-long legal battle against the Victoria Police and Australian Taxation Office. Although all the details regarding the case are still not out in public, the documents procured under the Freedom of Information provide evidence of corruption in the joint operation involving the Tax office and Victoria police. This cast large doubts on the honesty and efficacy of the Australian government departments.

In the highest court of Australia, Canberra Court, it was held that two government departments cannot cooperate against an individual or entity. This is because it causes an unfair advantage and that particular individual or entity is likely to face harassment at the hands of the departments. Moreover, it also majorly impedes the individual’s or entity’s right to a fair defence.

It is not an unknown fact that the Victoria Police has been involved in a number of corruption related scandals, with the most prominent being the “Lawyer X.” In this scandal, the police used a prominent criminal barrister named “Lawyer X” as an illegal informant who would provide confidential information about their clients to the police. All these scandals threw light on the level of corruption taking place and showed the Victoria Police in a very bad light, as a result of which an anti-corruption police task was formed in Victoria. However, it is very unlikely how successful this task force will be and that it is high time that the Australian government should take extra steps to reduce down corruption.

Looking Forward To The Next Year

In one of his interviews, Alex has expressed his angst and disappointment for the harassment he faced by the fake media trials in Australia, the police, and the tax office, which are still not held responsible for the harassment they caused before him.

When he was asked what he was looking forward to, he aptly replied that he has decided to move overseas as soon as the Australian borders are re-opened. He added that while Australia is an amazing country, but the moment you become rich, the government doesn’t allow you to enjoy the benefits of your hard labour.


This is one more instance of brain drain, where the rich and the educated have to move to other countries like Singapore, where their hard labour and achievements are appreciated and welcomed with open arms. Such kinds of harassment, as faced by Mr. Alex, need to be curbed; otherwise, Australia will never be able to attract other industry leaders to come and live in the beautiful continent.

It is indeed a sad reality that a beautiful country like Australia has never had a rich and successful businessman from another country make Australia his/her home. It is high time that Australians should change their mentality towards the rich and the prosperous. Otherwise, the days aren’t far when we will be a declared socialist society.