Always Wanted to Go on a Motorcycle Trip? Start Planning Today

Few things could ever be as exciting as a road trip on a motorcycle across the country. If you’re suffering from a case of wanderlust and have always wondered what it’d be like to hit the open road on your bike, now’s a great time to set out on an adventure. No matter what your final destination, whether you’ll sign up for an official motorcycle tour, or if you prefer a speed bike to a Harley-Davidson, there are a few things to consider before setting off on your biking adventure. For a list of things you’ll want to take care of before leaving for your motorcycle trip, read on.

Connect with other motorcycle enthusiasts ahead of time.

If you’ve never taken a long-distance motorcycle trip on your own, one great way to take the leap could be to look into guided motorcycle tours. Fantastic opportunities to network with other bikers, these tours can also give you the skills you’ll need to be smart about long road trips in a variety of conditions and unfamiliar places.

Start with a Google search for caravans or motorcycle tours and pay attention to reviews. Not every guided bike tour is the same. Some tours are about sightseeing and specific interests, while others are more destination-focused. Finding a trip that fits with your hobbies and needs will make the trip more enjoyable for you overall.

Consider all your bike options for the trip.

Many people make the mistake of hopping on whatever bike they have in their garage or even borrowing a motorcycle from a neighbor before heading out on their trip. The reality is that it’s important that the bike you’ll be riding is in great condition. For some people, this means looking into motorcycles for sale. That is, while it’s okay to drive an older bike around your local town and area, you’ll want to be sure you have a reliable ride for a longer trip. The last thing you’ll want to deal with on the road far from home is a breakdown. Being honest about your bike’s condition and considering an upgrade might be a good idea.

Pack for all weather conditions and events.

One of the great things about life on the road is that it’s unpredictable. Between long stretches of scenic roads, you’re bound to run into surprises. These surprises might even include the weather. When packing that bag for your trip, make sure to consider bringing layers and a rain jacket. While it’s impossible to pack the same way you might on a long-distance car trip, you could be surprised about how much you can fit into the right packing cubes and bike pack. When packing for your trip, think ahead. Whether this means buying new luggage or consolidating your things, planning for all types of weather and events is the best way to be prepared.

By the time you hit the open road, whether you’ve decided to use your credit history to buy a new-to-you used motorcycle, splurged on a brand-new Honda, or you’re bringing your own bike you have experience on and feel comfortable with, your trip will be fantastic if you take time ahead to do some planning. Even if you aren’t sure of your final destination, making a list of places and attractions of interest ahead of time will give you something to look forward to. When packing for your trip, even if you’re a beginner rider, remember to bring an open mind. Your ability to be spontaneous on the road will make for one heck of a grand adventure.

Happy travels to you! Don’t forget your helmet. Even the most experienced rider needs it.