Attorney for criminal record expungement and defense

If you are a resident of Orlando, Florida and need a qualified attorney to either represent you in a criminal case filed against you by the State or want your criminal records expunged or sealed, then you need to hire the services of a law firm well versed in handling such cases. There are reputed law firms in Orlando offering skilled and experienced lawyers for expungement and state criminal defense cases.

Criminal record expungement or sealing service

Criminal record of a person adversely affects his/her life. Presence of criminal record makes it difficult for the person to get many kinds of jobs and also renders it impossible to stay at many places. Employers tend to reject job applications of people having criminal records while homeowners are most likely to refuse renting their places to tenants with criminal records. The best way to escape the misery is expungement or sealing of criminal records.

Expungement means the criminal records of the person are removed from the records of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. As a result, there is no need for the person to mention his/her criminal record anywhere. No can know that the person was charged with criminal offense in the past. Sealing of records, on the other hand, means that the criminal records are placed under high restrictions and cannot be accessed easily.

There is a proper procedure for making request for criminal record expungement. The case also needs to be represented well before the judge in order to get the request accepted. Orlando expungement attorney provided by a reputed law firm will follow all the proper procedures to submit the request with the court. The attorney will also work on the case and present strong arguments before the judge. Convincing the judge is difficult, which is why a skilled and experienced expungement attorney is very essential.

State criminal defense service

Florida State can prosecute people for a number of criminal offenses. Law firms in Orlando provide experienced attorneys to represent individuals in state courts. The defense attorneys represent their clients at trials against the prosecutor appointed by the state. The various criminal offenses under Florida State Law for which defense attorneys are available are as follows.

  • Violent crimes- Assaulting a person with intention to commit violence or threat to commit violence, attempted murder, causing a grievous or permanent disability, touching a person to harm him/her intentionally and use of violence during the act of robbery come under violent crimes. The defense attorney tries to prevent the prosecution from proving guilt beyond reasonable doubt.
  • Drug crimes- Manufacturing, growing, trafficking and possession of illegal substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, cannabis, etc. can fetch long prison terms and other harsh penalties in Florida. The reputed law firms provide defense attorneys well versed in handling various types of drug crime cases. The defense lawyer will ensure that the rights of the client are not violated and determine whether the prosecution can prove all the charges in court or not. If a solid defense cannot be put up, the defense attorney will try and secure reduced punishment for the client.
  • Sex crimes- Sex crimes such as child pornography, indecent exposure, molestation, prostitution, massage without license, travelling to meet a minor, etc. fetch lengthy prison sentences. Thus, a person accused of sex crimes need to contact a sex crime defense lawyer as soon as police starts its investigation against him/her.