Boost Your Immune System With Clean Drinking Water from Berkey Water System and Other Useful Tips

Boosting the immune system has never been more critical than these past few months. Given the pandemic that we have to grapple with, a strong immune system helps. Even those who got infected by the virus managed to survive without severe symptoms due to a strong immune system. Despite the lack of vaccine, the body’s natural defenses played a considerable role. The best way to start strengthening your immune system is by drinking plenty of water. Make sure it’s clean, and the use of the Berkey water system helps.

Cleaning drinking water is essential because it helps eliminate toxins in your body. It’s easier to get rid of pathogens with regular cleansing. These tips can also help boost the immune system and are worth trying.

Eat fruits and vegetables

You heard this tip several times, but it’s usually about weight loss. The truth is that you’re also getting an immune system boost because of these foods. They’re rich in vitamins and minerals that are useful in protecting you against pathogens. If you achieve your weight loss goals in the process, it’s a big bonus.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Let’s not even focus on the potential health effects of smoking and drinking. You probably know what they do to your lungs and other organs. Add to that the weakening of your immune system. If your systems are weak, it’s easier for you to get ill. You become vulnerable to all sorts of diseases. It’s not easy to get rid of this vice if it’s already an addiction, but you have to work hard. It’s not yet late to change. People whose immune systems have been compromised or weakened due to addictions are more prone to the severe impact of the coronavirus. It’s on top of everything else you have to worry about.

Always exercise

Exercising strengthens your immune system. You might exercise to lose weight, but it’s not the only effect. People who regularly exercise are less prone to illnesses than those who do. Exercising also helps make you feel better. The body releases the “happiness” hormone when you exercise, and it will motivate you to do better in life.

If you’re too busy to enroll in a gym, you don’t have to. There are plenty of ways to exercise, and it doesn’t have to involve a gym enrollment. You can follow an online exercise tutorial. You don’t even need heavy equipment. Follow some techniques introduced by fitness experts online. Be consistent in doing these actions, and you can eventually achieve your goals.

Get sufficient sleep

It doesn’t matter how busy you are at work. You should have enough time to sleep. You will weaken your immune system with a lack of sleep. Create a routine that allows you to go to bed on time. Make sure you don’t bring work-related tasks home. There’s another time to work on them. When you reach home, you have to bond with your family, eat a healthy dinner, and sleep.

You should also avoid overusing your phone. When it’s bedtime, you have to leave your phone in the living room. You can’t allow yourself to be tempted to use your phone. Phones emit blue light that tricks your brain to believe that it’s too early to go to bed. You will have a hard time putting yourself to sleep. Even if you do, it won’t be the REM sleep that you hope for. You will feel weak the next day because you didn’t get enough sleep.

Cook your food well

If you love raw dishes like sashimi, now isn’t the time to have them. Make sure you cook your food well. Raw meat can host loads of pathogens that will make you ill. It starts with some digestive issues that could get worse over time. Clean the raw ingredients and wash them thoroughly if you’re preparing food at home. Clean all the utensils too.

Observe good hygiene 

You must have heard it several times over the news, but you should still be reminded of the hygienic steps. It starts with hand washing. If you only wash your hands when you’re about to eat, now you have to do it regularly. Don’t leave the toilet without washing your hands. Use soap to kill germs. If soap isn’t available, you need to use hand sanitizers. Bathe regularly and clean your entire body before going to bed. You were outside the whole day, and you’ve faced all forms of pollution. You can’t go to bed when you’re dirty.

Take vitamin supplements 

You can have vitamin supplements to stay away from illnesses. These supplements help fend off pathogens before they infect your body. However, you should ask your doctor first about the safest options. You don’t want to take vitamins from brands that you haven’t heard of before. You might be getting a fake supplement, and end up getting sick.

Always keep yourself updated 

With the pandemic that we’re facing, new information is available all the time. It means that you have to keep yourself abreast of these changes. It helps if you can follow the news and find out what scientists have to say. They study pathogens, and they know how to fight them off.

Don’t panic if you get ill

Even if you’ve done everything to stay safe and healthy, you can still get sick. It doesn’t mean that you should panic and expect the worse. You can still recover, and your symptoms might not be too bad. Take time to rest and understand the changes in your body. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment with the doctor. It would help if you had a conclusive diagnosis regarding your illness. You can also start treatment after the diagnosis.

Learn from what caused your illness so you won’t get sick again in the future. You should also be consistent in taking your medicines until you get better. Remember all these tips, so boosting your immune system won’t be a huge challenge. You won’t worry about encountering disease-causing bacteria and viruses.