Domestic Violence Hearing – How to Prepare

We’re living in the 21st century that is the age of science and technology. Despite our progress by leaps and bounds in this field, we have failed to make ‘domestic violence’ a not-in-practice barbarism. It is definitely an old but not an outdated practice and that’s very unfortunate. The problem of domestic violence is not restricted […]


Employment Law in California – A Brief Guide

People residing in California need to abide by state rules and regulations. The employment law in the state is quite strict and yet provides many benefits to employees. Just like you may need an auto accident attorney in San Marcos, California, you may also require the services of a trusted employment lawyer in San Diego […]


Do I have an arrest warrant out for me?

Maybe? I’m just a writer, and I don’t even know your name. However, what I do know is how to find out the answer to your question, and I’ll happily provide you with the resources necessary to discover if you have an arrest warrant out for yourself. What is an arrest warrant? An arrest warrant […]


Business Law In California

Work makes the entire world go around. If there is no business or industry, there will be no jobs. Moreover, with a rising population and relaxation of laws, business laws have gained prominence in the market today. Furthermore, there are laws in California that all businessmen and companies need to follow. Moreover, non-compliance leads to […]


Employment law in California

Do you think your employer has the right to violate your rights? Can they get away with any kind of injustice? Not in San Diego. Employment laws are very strong here. There is Brad Nakase for your assistance in San Diego. A San Diego Employment Lawyer is an absolute necessity in such cases. Moreover, he […]


Truck Accident Injury In California

The San Diego truck accident lawyer is in good demand today. More so, in California. And why not? Moreover, the number of truck accidents happening lately is such a number. Furthermore, many such instances occurring on a daily basis. Every morning, you open the newspaper to a new case. Moreover, Nakase Law Firm in San […]


Motorcycle Accident Injury In California

Those who ride motorcycles, know about the downsides. So, does Brad Nakase, who owns a huge mean machine. He fights cases as the San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer. He is quite famous. Moreover, he is adept at handling such cases with a lot of zeal. He mostly wins them. Thousands of motorcycles meet with horrendous […]


Car Accident Injury In California

Every day we hear about accidents. Large vehicle accidents, car accidents, bike accidents are more. The San Diego Car accident lawyer is now there to help you. The highway administration in San Diego has reported numerous deaths due to accidents. Every twelve minutes, there is accidental death. And why not? So many people are today […]

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Taking Action in the Covid-19 Era

As we are all quickly discovering, regular life continues to happen during the COVID-19 crisis. Babies are born, people are hospitalized for heart attacks and non-COVID-19 related illnesses, and various industries are figuring out how to return to work. In addition, individual’s rights are being violated and consumers are suffering due to product flaws and unsafe conditions. […]