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Choosing a Crystal Chandelier: 5 Tips to Get You the Best Pick

Crystal chandeliers are double the fun and beauty.

For one, they are chandeliers – which you already know to be the heart of any exciting room design. On the other hand, they come with a generous amount of crystals too, adding more to the already present class they bring to the room they are placed in.

That said, choosing the right one can be a bit of a challenge. Well, not when you put these tips in mind.

1. Decide on A Width

Chandeliers come in a lot of different sizes, making the width of what unit you end up choosing an important consideration.

If your crystal chandelier is to be installed on a very high ceiling (such as the foyer of a multi-storey apartment), you should choose bigger widths. That is to ensure it doesn’t look too small from down below.

When choosing one for a living area, though, the smaller chandeliers will do just fine.

2. Decide on the Lights

Your crystal chandelier should not just be beautiful but functional too. Thus, the number of lights it will hold should not be overlooked.

Smaller rooms can do well with a chandelier that hangs up to 8 lights. For bigger rooms, though, there is a need for better illumination. It, thus, stands to reason that you should get one that takes more than 8 lights.

3. Decide on the Length

Here, your discretion stands well against anything we might suggest. You know your space better, and you know how close to the ground certain chandelier lengths can be.

When choosing chandeliers for a dining area, for example, mentally subtract the height of the ceiling from the floor. With that information, pick a chandelier just rightly placed that it is not too far from the ceiling, not too close to your head when you walk and also, doesn’t cast an imposing presence on the dinner table.

The one that falls inside this bracket is the best crystal chandelier for you.

4. Decide on the Material

The fact that they are all named crystal chandeliers does not mean the material of make is purely ‘crystal.’

Some crystal chandeliers are armed with nickel, and other manufacturers prefer to use brass. These metals are shined and polished so bright, they mimic the look and feel of the crystals.

Made right, these materials will give the chandeliers the same properties. However, we advise that you go for whichever finish makes the unit more beautiful to you.

5. Decide on the Manufacturer

All the thoughts you have been gathering from above will end up at nothing if you don’t choose a good manufacturer to buy from. Look out for manufacturers who not only have a track record in the business, but a lot of beautiful units you can select from.

ShowSun Lightning is one manufacturer who has it all. From a slew of crystal chandeliers to options in different styles and combinations, you just cannot go wrong with any pick from them. They can make your lighting dream happen by creating the best custom chandelier for your house, restaurant or hotel.

Wrap Up

Is there any other thing you’d consider before committing to a crystal chandelier?  Let’s hear all about it in the comments.