Convenient Ways to Declutter at Home

Clutter is anything you own or possess that does not regularly enhance your life. The culprit behind overwhelming clutter is usually not the lack of space. Disorganization is responsible for 80% of clutter in most homes. If you barely use half of what you own while getting overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have at home, decluttering is undoubtedly for you. Here’s how you can start doing it:

Trash clutter

Determining which is trash and which isn’t is the first step to letting go of the clutter that overwhelms you. The definition of trash is personal and subjective in a sense. Typically, this is the stuff you have no qualms about throwing away without expecting any cash in return. Such is the case with broken, worn out, and damaged items. To be more environmentally friendly, segregating your trash properly is ideal. Now that trash is out of the way, you can sort the things you will donate, shred, keep, and sell according to the next categories.

Bargain clutter

Sales and discounts are enticing. Companies know how to make you feel better through bargains. Now, you feel bad about the number of unnecessary items you’ve amassed. Things you bought only because they were cute and discounted, without having any use for them are stuff that goes into this pile. Instead of throwing these items away, you can opt to sell them online or gift them to friends. The key is finding more loving owners who will appreciate these items better.

Inheritance and travel clutter

Your journey in life involves others. If you are surrounded by generous people who express their love through gift-giving, it can be challenging to say no to things you don’t need. The thing is, not using the items renders them invaluable. If you find yourself in possession of items that are hard to use and dispose of, such as junk cars or perfume that’s not to your liking, there are options to resell them online. Letting go of such items is necessary to make space for what you really appreciate while allowing your stuff to serve its purpose elsewhere.

Abundance clutter

The more you have, the more you need. Over time, you don’t even see your stuff. Such is the case when women rant about not having anything to wear despite having a full room of clothes. The overflowing options can be paralyzing. Examining your life and how much is enough to make you feel content is key to resolve this. Your stuff is only precious if you use it.

The process of decluttering and its end result are beneficial in many ways. Becoming more organized and letting go of clutter tend to lower stress levels while improving your physical, mental, and emotional health. It feels empowering that you control your things instead of them controlling you. Now that you’ve started the journey, keeping things sorted for long is the next big step. Stay committed to keeping your home decluttered and remind yourself that consistency is key.