Enhance Your Hair Care Routine Regime with The Best Kept Secret of Silicium

Our hair and nail are the natural extensions of the skin and the first few things that people notice. So, it becomes essential to keep take care of them and keep them in good condition. Whether it is our skin or hair, they can tell a lot about what is going on inside our bodies.

A sudden hair loss or brittle nails can ring an alarming bell and might be signs of some serious mineral deficiency or stress. Similarly, a bluish tint of nails indicates oxygen deficiency that is caused by poor circulation, and the reddish colour is often associated with iron deficiency. If you want radiant skin, healthy hair, and strong nails, then consider Silicium as your new best friend.

What is Silicium?

Silicium is a naturally occurring element that is miraculous for our body due to its astounding benefits. It is a combination of silicon and oxygen, the two most abundant elements on our planet. It is essential for bone growth and the overall development of the body. Most hair, nail, and skin supplements contain silicium as the key ingredient since it acts as a strengthening and repairing agent.

Silicium supplements

Silicium supplements are available online under the brand name Fortisil. You can buy Fortisil capsules online that are available asFortisil OSA. They come with patented information of Chloline Stabilised orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA) that increases beauty protein for stronger hair, nails, and radiant skin.

Fortisil OSA”contains Silicium that strengthens hair and prevents thinning by delivering essential nutrients to your hair follicles. This makes the product more effective and you get consistent results. It creates a protective layer around your hair shaft and helps it from further breakouts.

Although these Fortisil OSA”capsules do not contain Biotin that just provides hair growth, the combination of choline and silicium is far more beneficial as they not only promote hair growth, but also provide the much-needed aftercare needed for strong and damage-proof hair. The presence of Choline helps to overcome pattern baldness though it might take some time.

Benefits of Fortisil OSA

One capsule a day is enough.

  • Makes hair stronger
  • Stops hair fall
  • Helps in hair growth
  • Adds shine and lustre to hair
  • Controls frizzy hair by locking moisture
  • Shows visible results in 4 to 5 weeks
  • Makes nails stronger
  • Provides radiant skin

Silicium’s role in hair health

We are born with huge amounts of silicium and low amounts of calcium. This is why children usually have stunning silky hair, perfect nails and soft skin. As we age, we lose silicium, and calcium gets deposited in our glands. Silicium promotes proper mineral balance between calcium and magnesium in our body that in turn helps with hormonal balance.

Hormonal imbalances in females are one of the biggest factors for hair loss and thinning of hair. Intake of silicium supplements helps balance this hormonal imbalance without any hormonal supplements to prevent hair thinning, restores vitality to hair, and also addresses hair loss problems.

To sum it up, the innumerable benefits of silicium can be enjoyed with its supplements like Fortisil OSA”capsules. They overcome the deficiency of this essential mineral and work to get healthy-looking strengthened hair.