Esport Betting On Mobile And Smartphones

In 2017 mobile games represented 42% of the market, with the new boom being the eSports modality, with developers such as Super Evil Megacorp launching the MOBA Vainglory, the first of its range for mobiles. By 2021, eSports is expected to be dominated by mobile gaming like most casino games seen on togel hk.

Main Esports Tournaments

They are the most popular, and their openings and closings have nothing to envy to the arrogance of the Super Bowl, these are the most bet events of eSports:

  • The International.
  • League of Legends World Championship.
  • Evolution Championship Series.
  • Intel Extreme Masters.

Tips For Betting On Esports

Select the video gameplay and know firsthand its dynamics.

Follow the most influential YouTuber since they usually have a good knowledge of the players and sometimes have internal news.

Specialized game forums are an excellent source of which strategy or team will be most important in the near future. In addition, news or updates are frequently leaked.

If you are an amateur competitor, join a team created with your friends or one existing in the game. Thus, you will understand how the strategies and tactics that are used today are executed.

Bookmakers in Honk Kong offer welcome bonuses, although I recommend that you read everything you need to know about welcome bonuses before betting (they have their fine print). They are a good option if you are still betting at the amateur level being your first time. They become a financial cushion, as they represent free money that you can use to test yourself betting on a new sport without risk.

Combined Bets: Very difficult to win, but if you hit them, it is like winning the lottery. They pay very well, and you only have to win 1 of 15 to be on profit. Don’t choose them too big to have a real chance of winning.

Open Accounts At Multiple Betting Houses: This has an advantage. Fierce competition between bookmakers means that one always offers better payouts for the same bet offered by everyone, so you can get a better profit by going with the best offer. The same goes for promotions during special events. So we recommend depositing $100 in each of them. You can use them when it is most convenient.