Financial Aspects of Leasing or Buying a Car – How to Choose the Right One for You?

Planning to finally buy your dream car but confused about available financial options? As the number of dealers who are ready to lease a car is increasing in the marketplace, so is the confusion of the customers. Those who look at the car as an asset and are happy to drive a vehicle on the road for years together are the ones who should buy a car. 

However, those who frequently resell their cars to buy a new model and invest in new technologies as soon as they hit the market should think about leasing their next car as financing cars so frequently could prove to be very expensive. 

Other factors determine whether leasing is right for you or you should go ahead and become the proud owner of your car. Once we discuss the pros and cons of each method of getting to drive our next vehicle, you will get a little better idea of what your next move should be. 

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Auto-leasing – Pros and cons


  • When compared to financing, the monthly installments are much lower as they are calculated based on the depreciation rate. 
  • You can choose to drive a new car model after every lease period. 
  • You don’t bear the repair costs. 
  • You don’t have to worry about the depreciation of your vehicle that lowers its resale value. 


  • You cannot add the latest technologies or customize gadgets as per your preference. It is a borrowed car and you return it in the same condition. 
  • There is a restriction on how many miles you can travel within the period of the lease agreement. 
  • You still end up paying the majority of the maintenance cost. 
  • It is an infeasible solution in times of financial instability. 
  • You do not get to feel the emotions of becoming the owner of the car. 

Certain lease agreements give you the option to extend the lease period or buy the same car after the expiry of the lease agreement. 

Buying a car – Pros and cons


  • The car is your own and you can choose to customize it as per your needs. 
  • You feel proud to have earned your car. 
  • Even during financially unstable conditions, you still have your car. You can even sell it to get through the difficult times. 
  • You can drive as many miles as you want. 


  • You have to bear high interest rates if you plan to look for financing. 
  • You have to pay for insurance premiums and all repairs. 
  • The value of the car will depreciate over years and you will receive a lot less amount than you originally paid for if you want to resell it. 

Hope you are in a better position to decide whether you want to buy or lease your next car now.