Find the Best Drinks-Food Specialties of Seattle

Find the Best Drinks-Food Specialties of Seattle – Everything You Need to Know

Seattle, the largest city of Washington, is among the fastest-growing places, with a population of 755,936. The house of evergreen forests, coffee culture, seafood, wine, and so much more. Seattle is called the emerald city and the heart of the state for a reason. Yet, despite the ocean, mountains, and greenery, wineries and eateries are what makes it so popular. With various food choices like oyster, chicken teriyaki, pho, and Deep-fried hamburgers, it’s truly hard to resist these specialties.

And, when you have got the special red wine of Walla Walla or sparkling wine of Columbia to pair with the meal. Then, you really can’t help but search for the best liquor store near me or the best food to try in Seattle. We totally agree! Because while collecting all these delicious dishes and boozy wines, we were drooling all over the place. Literally! But, before we take a deep dive into the world of Seattle food and wine, here’s a simple breakdown for you:

Best Food to TryBest Drinks to Sip On
Fried oyster from The Walrus and The CarpenterSharpie Mustache at Rob Roy
Chicken teriyaki from Toshi’s Teriyaki GrillYour Favorite Drink at Zig Zag Cafe
Hot Dogs from Deep DiveEggnog at Sun Liquor
Omakase from Shiro KashibaAgricultural Punch at Damn The Weather
World’s Best Mac and Cheese from Beecher’sAgricole Swizzle at Rumba

Tasty Must-Try Seattle Food

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Are you planning a trip to visit the city of nature and fresh aromas? Don’t go unplanned. Remember to check whether or not you can air travel safely. Now, have a look at the list of 5 best meals that can make your stay worth it:

  1. Fried Oyster

If there has to be food that feels like it pulled directly out of the magical ocean, this has to be it. And, the tucked-away bar, the walrus, does the job deliciously. You just can’t miss trying their fried oyster.

  • Chicken teriyaki

Undoubtedly, chicken teriyaki can be considered as comfort food for Seattle people. And Toshi Kasahara is said to be the person who first introduces this delicious dish to the emerald city.

The Chicken Teriyaki by The MasterChef Himself

Chill out at your hotel or home, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and try the by Toshi’s grill to embrace the foodie in you.

  • Hot Dogs
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The king of late-night snacking, the epitome of perfect taste, we present you oniony hot dogs from deep dive. They make the balanced flavor with cream cheese, red onion, salmon caviar’s salt pops, and jalapenos. The heavenly taste will take you to cloud nine of bliss, thus giving you an enjoyable experience.

  • Omakase

Seattle is the core of forests, mountains, and oceans; so, how can we miss including seafood? And, nothing beats the freshness of the omakase by the chef Shiro Kashiba of Sushi Kashiba. According to Locals, his cooking is the best in town. So, if you wish to get the best taste of Pacific Northwest waters, you must pay a visit to this restaurant. 

  • World’s Best Mac and Cheese

We have mentioned it all, but this scrumptious list is still incomplete without the most loved food worldwide. Yes, the comforting Mac and cheese. We aren’t talking about the modified mac and cheese but the original served at Beecher’s handmade cheese. They use their own just jack and flagship cheeses to make it gooey, creamy, rich, and thick—all the reasons why you must try it.

Boozy Must-Have Seattle Drinks

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You just can’t miss these cocktails. It’s literally mandatory to sip on all famous liquor, wine, and blended drinks to get the most out of your tour to Seattle. So, let’s have a look at the 5 fruity, boozy, and steamy liquids you can try:

  1. Sharpie Mustache

Firstly, the sharpie mustache doesn’t include a mustache. (Gotcha!) It is a stirred cocktail served at Rob Roy that is a masterpiece itself. It requires no fancy preparation, no juicer blenders or shakers to get the perfect proportion of all the spirits. It includes the ideal combination of amaro, bonal, tiki bitters, and rye.

Click to find the complete flavor profile of amaro by masterclass.

  • Your Favorite Drink

As the name suggests, it will be literally your favorite drink. The Zig Zag Cafe offers people to get their drink however they want. The bartenders there take pride in making your best drink the memorable one. However, you might have to clearly state your alcohol choice to get the best out of it.

  • Eggnog
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Eggnog? Sounds rich, right? Well, yes, it is in taste. It is prepared by using rum, cream, bourbon, Apple Brandy, and eggs. It sounds weird, but trust us on that. This cocktail by Sun liquor can be the best drink of your life (okay, okay, your Seattle trip :p).

  • Agricultural Punch

The agricultural punch is a drink made by mixing lime, raw sugarcane juice, and Rhum Agricole. Neither it’s too sweet, nor it feels bland to the palate. Instead, it has the perfect sugar flavor that pleases the senses deeply. The funky and earthy drink from Damn The Weather restaurant is a win-win. You can also pair this booze with a high-quality cigar for the best experience.

  • Agricole Swizzle

Not only does this pineapple, vermouth, angostura bitters, lime, and Rhum Agricole tastes heavenly, but it is also hypnotic to watch. This Rumba’s drink has the pineapple and tropical vibes of a beach with a sugar content that’s not too overpowering.

Bottom Line

We hope by now you must be knowing all the food, cocktails, drinks, and dishes you need to try. Of course, we can’t cover everything in one blog. But, we tried to mention anything and everything that you must have during your visit to Seattle. If you’re are still contemplating where to go, you can check our Kanyakumari vacation guide or Walla Walla camping guide.

Lastly, have a look at the vintage Seattle travel category to find more such beautiful places.