Getting a right help giving birth in the USA on visitor visa

Every baby born in the USA automatically becomes an American citizen, making it an attractive option for parents seeking a higher standard of care and other benefits. While children born on American soil acquire citizenship, they can only petition for their parents once they turn 21, making expert gynecological care essential for a secure and successful childbirth experience in the US. Finding the right doctor and birthing place can be challenging when living abroad. Ensuring successful childbirth requires proper knowledge and medical care during pregnancy. Dr. Vinay Shah, a gynecologist, can be instrumental in ensuring the safe birth of your child in the United States.

Why parents often consider having a baby in the US

Considering giving birth in the USA on visitor visa while residing abroad offers the advantage of securing your child’s citizenship in the country. Whether contemplating birth tourism on a tourist visa or being in the country during your child’s due date, various factors should be considered for this significant decision. Here are some reasons why parents prefer giving birth:

  • A higher standard of care for high-risk pregnancies and complicated deliveries in the USA.
  • U.S. Citizenship for your child through Birthright citizenship
  • Access to high-quality education with federal student aid for U.S. citizens
  • Convenient location near essential facilities for stress-free visits.
  • Security to apply for permanent U.S. residency for family members.
  • Cost-saving self-pay childbirth package with special rates for international patients.
  • Flexibility for optional Caesarean sections and patient-driven decision-making

What should you consider in an expert gynecologist who can help you in a crucial time?

  • Find a doctor who supports your birthing choices, whether it’s water birth, natural birth, or an elective C-section. You can take guidance from experts like Dr. Vinay Shah in such scenarios.
  • You must get support from the loved ones around you. In case your loved ones are not around, you can join or research online about new mothers’ groups for recommendations. This will help you stay connected and enhance your knowledge.
  • When you visit a doctor outside of your country, you might want to get some basic tests done by an expert to ensure there are no other health conditions involved in giving childbirth.
  • When choosing a hospital for childbirth, consider the distance and travel time from your home, especially during emergencies. If your obstetrician’s office is at the hospital, opt for a shorter commute to accommodate frequent visits in the later stages of pregnancy.


Regular doctor’s appointments and ultrasounds to monitor both your and your baby’s health are essential for your baby’s healthy growth during pregnancy. Having faith in your doctor is essential if you consider giving birth in the USA on visitor visa. Dr. Shah and his team can surely help you throughout your pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to talk with my ob-gyn before a trip?

It is advised to discuss all aspects of your travel plans and get approval from your ob-gyn. In case there are any complications or certain precautions you need to be aware of, your ob-gyn can guide you on this. Be it preterm labor or pre-labor rupture of membranes, it is your ob-gyn’s advice in such cases that can be helpful.

Why should the ob-gyn assess the vaccinations before travel?

The ob-gyn needs to do checkups, and that includes ensuring your vaccinations are up-to-date, regardless of whether they were reviewed earlier during your prenatal visit.