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Give Your A Seattle Home A Modern Update With Vintage Wallpaper Vibe

If you are fed up with boring wallpapers and want to give a new vintage Vibe to your wallpaper then you have come to the right place. Here in this blog we have come up with different vintage peel and stick wallpaper ideas that will give a new Vibe to your home.You can use this idea for your kid’s bedroom also because kids love to peel and stick wallpapers.

A new leaf

If you want to give some Vintage wife to your bedroom then you can try a retro print with leaves peel and stick wallpaper as they will look so wonderful on the sides of your wall. You can also add wallpaper only to one wall to give it a more trendy look.

Decorate with Diamonds wallpaper

If you are a fan of art deco of 1930 and 1920 then this wonderful design with look elegant on your walls. This is the perfect beauty of elegance with a hint of old-fashioned Hollywood glamour that increases the beauty of your home.

Bird motifs

Bird motifs are said to be the perfect vintage design and they are also come in different colour options with peel and stick wallpapers that will enhance the vintage wife of your walls and give your dining room a new and trendy look. This bird wallpaper pattern will look up so beautiful as it breaks up the neutral colour palette and give a new breath to the living space of your home without becoming overpowering.

Vibrant design

If you want to give a bold statement to the walls of your house then you can surely go for these wallpaper Idea and it is also inspired by the 1960 curvy Blossoms design. For vibrant colours, you can also use a different tone of Purple as it will look verysubtle and trendy at the team same time.

These are some of the ideas which you will surely design if you want to add some new vibe to your house. If you want to learn more about vintage wallpaper design then you must visit vintageseattle.org as they are having a lot more ideas for peel and stick wallpapers.