Hats: A World of Different Styles

We already know that accessories help us to complete the look and that of all, there is no chicer accessory than a hat. In addition to being beautiful, they are useful since they protect us from the cold or heat. Hats and caps are always worn, there are seasons when one model stands out above another, but we have been for a few years that trends admit everything!

Therefore, today we want to define and explain, in the simplest way possible, the characteristics of various types of hats. There are no more excuses for not identifying them, study their names and shine with style every season. And you know, they not only protect us from the sun’s rays, but also from the cold. May they be your star accessory throughout the year.

We Leave you with a Small Selection

Beanie: It is a knitted hat with wool felt that can have two different designs. They probably got their name from the term “bean” (coconut) which was a vulgar way of referring to the head in the early 20th century in the United States around 1900. It has undergone a metamorphosis over the years to become the design of today, and are the ideal complement for men and women to protect themselves effectively against the cold you can also buy sad face hat from our Lil peep merch.

Bowler: It appears in men’s clothing in the second half of the 19th century. Hat with a narrow brim and a low, rigid and rounded crown, it is said that it was created by the hatters James and George Lock in 1849. The design responds to a headdress with a hard crown that was not as high as that of beaver hats, for a request from a ranger to protect his head from the blows of the low branches of the trees while riding on horseback.

Trilby: Traditionally, the trilby was conceived as a hat for men that provided just the right point of classic seduction. Nowadays, women also dress them giving them a touch of masculinity. This type of hat, a symbol of elegance, is the most used model. In addition, it can be worn in all seasons (cotton versions, straw in summer or felt in winter) and combines with everything. You will be able to identify it because it has some forms of the borsaline model, but with a short brim, slightly down in the front.

Cloché: The cloché hat is a garment stolen in the masculine style by the women of the 1920s. It has a very classic design whose elegance has never gone out of style while it is a symbol of the progressive trend and the transgressive woman. It is a hat that likes for its design, comfort and ease of combining it; and the best thing, that being a discreet model, it is ideal to start wearing a hat.

Fedora: A felt model with a wide brim and masculine style. It is one of the most classic models, characterized by its rigidity and by wearing a ribbon on the wing. It is the favorite of our celebrities as it provides a different aspect to our looks, ideal for the cold months, being thick and resistant for the rain.

Floppy: This 60’s style, a decade in which it reached its peak. It is a hat with a flexible wide brim that falls to the level of the eyes. We like her hippie touches and bohemian airs. You can find them in very different colors and materials.

We do not want to forget about other famous models such as Lil peep pants and the hot trapper to shelter us from the cold, the sophisticated panama and the comfortable newsboys.