How Do You Wear An Oversized T-Shirt

Oversize T-shirts are casual essentials that offer an abundance of different looks, especially in the warm season. We’ll show you how versatile oversize T-shirts can be combined.

Evergreen or newcomer? Clothes online like Oversize t-shirts are somehow both and are one of the essential essentials this year. No wonder the wide-cut offers many advantages: It is wonderfully comfortable because there is guaranteed not to be any pinch; it makes the shirt pleasantly airy – perfect on hot days – and offers plenty of space for cool prints of all kinds. Another bonus is the versatility of the XL T-shirt: it can be combined repeatedly and styled very differently.

Combine Oversize T-Shirts with Jeans And Trousers

The simplest look for an oversize t-shirt is to combine it as a top with jeans or trousers. In particular, T-shirts with colourful prints can be easily integrated into classic street styles with jeans and sneakers.

Whether worn casually over trousers or partially tucked into the waistband in a French tuck, jeans and a T-shirt are always a good combination. The outfit on the left proves that such an effortless look can be highly stylish. The tone-on-tone combination all in white creates a fresh, summery look that is surprisingly elegant in its simplicity, even with a trendy David Bowie print on the shirt.

Combine Oversize T-Shirts With Wide Skirts And Bottoms

An oversize T-shirt also goes well with airy skirts with a wider cut which is one of the best online clothes shopping. The look works best when the shirt is tucked into the waistband. The simple streetwear top is a good combination partner that perfectly balances playful skirts with ruffles or maxi skirts with a floral pattern. If you like, you can complete the look with a narrow belt. Despite the boxy, extra-wide cut, oversize T-shirts can easily be put on the figure by combining them with high-waist shorts with pleats or paper bag pants. The wide T-shirt, the narrow, high waist, and the wide-cut trousers or shorts create a pretty Hour Glass silhouette in an 80s retro look that is feminine and yet casual.

Combine Oversize T-Shirts With Tight Skirts And Tight Pants

You have several options if you want to combine the wide, oversize T-shirt with tight trousers or a tight skirt. The combination looks very casual when the shirt is worn over a narrow skirt or tight jeans. If you want to style something more figure-hugging, knot the XL shirt at the waist. Not only does it look better, but it is also much more comfortable than stuffing the wide T-shirt into a tight base.

The overshirt does not have to be knotted tightly. If you only want to shorten the shirt, but not narrow it, knot it, but turn the knot on the inside and pull most of the shirt over the knotted part: the volume remains, only the length is changed.

Combine An Oversize T-Shirt With A Blazer

An absolute favourite is the combination of oversize T-shirts and blazers. The highly casual-looking wide T-shirt is a great contrast to the formal blazer. The resulting look is therefore wearable both at work and in leisure time. This combination has two crucial variables: the cut and style of the blazer and the bottom that goes with the combination of blazer and t-shirt.

A slim, fitted blazer looks elegant and contrasts the XL T-shirt more than a casual, loose boyfriend blazer. A blazer made from a classic wool fabric is more formal than one made from airy linen. The same applies to trousers or skirts: whether comfortable mum jeans, floral midi skirt, elegant creased trousers, or trendy cycling shorts – each piece transforms the entire outfit into very different looks that range from elegant to relax to trendy. There are no limits to your imagination.

Wear An Oversize T-Shirt As A Dress

No other look with an oversize t-shirt is as easy as this: wearing the oversize t-shirt as a dress. It is effortless and straightforward to wear the T-shirt pure, complemented by sneakers and sunglasses. This is a relaxed leisure look for the weekend.

If you want to create a chicer look, bring the shirt with a belt to the waist. The whole thing looks particularly elegant with a shiny chain belt in gold or silver. A wide tie belt, for example, made of synthetic leather, and emphasises the waist particularly strongly. Rolled-up sleeves create a beautiful silhouette. Those who prefer to do without a belt and waist can combine the simple oversize T-shirt with a vest. A cool denim vest, for example, makes the look less simple but still casual.

If the XL T-shirt seems too short, it can either be supplemented with “invisible shorts,” short shorts that are not visible when standing, or a long-sleeved shirt is tied around the waist, at least at the back Skirt elongated.