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How The Grow Plants in Garden Planters

Plant boxes allow you to enjoy plants in places where a traditional garden is inconvenient or impossible. Growing plants in pots will enable you to provide suitable conditions for different plants. Almost any type of garden container can be used to grow plants as long as it contains soil, can drain water, and is large enough for the plant you are growing. They are available in a wide range of materials and styles to match the style of your home, garden, or planting pattern. Ideally, the pot should be 1/3 to 1/2 the height of the plant in diameter.

Regardless of which type of pot you choose, make sure there are drainage holes in the bottom so that excess water can run off. Beware of decorative pots without drainage holes. You can plant plants in regular pots and place them in decorative garden pots. You can put pieces of a broken pot or scale on the bottom of the pot around the drain hole to allow free drainage.

Pots can provide excellent drainage, but plants are dependent on you for water and nutrients. Water is an important transport medium, allowing nutrients to move from the soil into the plant cell. Houseplant care can be delicate, as plants can die from underwatering or overwatering. Because potted plants dry out faster than their garden counterparts, they also use much more water. When watering plants, a good rule is to fill the entire root zone with water.

A good planting environment is the most important factor when using garden pots. Most plants will adapt to the potting soil sold today, so store-bought quality potting soil will work for you. Any potting mix will compact over time, so if your containers feel heavy and full of water, you may need to replace the potting mix with a fresh potting mix.

In spring, the roots of the plants grow more actively, which means that the plant will be able to overcome the shock associated with the transplant faster. Water the plants well a day or two before you plan to repot because they are easier to repot when the potting mix is damp. Many times this process needs to be improved. The potted plant will focus on root growth at the expense of foliage and new flowers. Learn more in this top article. 


As with all types of gardening, your passion and your imagination are the only things that can limit indoor gardening in plant boxes.