How to choose sex doll breast options- Hollow, Gel, or standard?

Buying the right sex doll can be overwhelming for anyone. You’ll find thousands of sex dolls of different categories and sizes making it more difficult for you to find your love doll. Once you buy a doll, you would also want to make changes and customization to uplift your mood and taste. You can customize the eyes, lips, vagina, breasts, hair, and parts of the doll as per your desire. In this article, we have discussed the ways of how you can pick the right kind of breast for your sex doll.

Best sex dolls breasts are available in 3 types- Gel breasts, standard breasts, and hollow breasts. To know the best breast choice, one has to know the pros and cons of each one of them.

Standard breasts:

Depending on the material of the doll, standard breasts can be of silicone or TPE. These breasts are perky and tight yet you can feel the softness and bounce that you might expect from your doll! These breasts are perfect for all those who want to save some amount on upgrades or those who aren’t much concerned with the breast. Some sex doll lovers are an ardent vagina lover so they are more concerned with that. These breasts are highly realistic and are the favorite pick for most buyers.

To talk about the pros, by investing in these breasts, no additional upgrade will be needed and they are quite tight and playful to stimulate your desires. But if you are someone who is quite selective about sex doll breasts may not find it advantageous as they are less bouncy as compared to the other breast choices.

Hollow breasts:

Someone who loves to play with super soft bouncy breasts should go for a hollow breast. As the name already suggests, these breasts are hollow in shape. These are quite different from standard or gel breasts. Standard breasts are made with solid TPE or silicone and the gel ones are packed with gel to give a soft touch. But hollow breasts are filled with air to give that bouncy appearance. This makes the breasts look spongy and soft. You can satiate your desires by squishing and pressing it hard. These breasts are irresistible and you watch them jiggle as much as you desire!

You will have to pay an extra fee for upgrading breasts as most sex dolls come with standard breasts. However, if you are an ardent lover of bouncy yet soft boobs, the investment is worth it! The specialty of these breasts is that it is extremely soft, squishy, bouncy, and is perfect to seduce you! The only disadvantage is that it is not as perky as the other options and you’ll need additional cost to upgrade them.

Gel breasts:


If you are looking for the most realistic option, Gel breasts are perfect for you. There’s a reason why gel breasts are the best. It is softer than standard breasts and has greater firmness than the hollow breast option. Gel breasts are the most satisfying things to have because they give you the exact feeling of real breasts. These breasts are filled with gel to make it feel like human flesh and hence, it gives you the same kind of satisfaction that you would expect from a real girl! If you wish to experience the most realistic and satisfying experience with a sex doll, upgrading the breast option to gel breasts would be highly valuable.

Though these breasts allow you to enjoy the most realistic sex experience, it is one of the costliest breast upgrades. So anyone who has budget constraints may not be able to have this. However, buying a sex doll is itself a costly affair so why not get the best out of it? After all, it is a one-time investment that you’ll make!

Choosing the breast option: Things to keep in mind

Now that you know that there are three breast options, you should be able to make your selection based on your sexual fantasies and desires. However, there are a few more things that you must consider before upgrading the sex dolls.

  • Your budget– One has to consider their budget before making these upgrades. Good quality sex dolls will always come with a good price tag. Before making an upgrade, know the extra fee that you’ll have to pay. Above all the three breast options, Gel-filled breasts are expensive than the other two options because it gives you the most realistic feeling.
  • Size of the breasts– Standard breast size is available in two cup sizes- A and B, whereas hollow breasts are suitable for Big Breasted dolls only. Gel-filled breasts can suit C-E cups.

Follow your desires and enjoy a dreamy night with your love doll! Do not stop yourself from doing anything that your heart wants. After all, sex dolls are meant for enjoying unstoppable orgasms and love! Find more at