How to Create an Outline for MLA Paper?

Probably, you will be surprised, but there are no peculiarities of creating an outline for MLA paper. Nevertheless, there are basic rules, and your tutor may provide specific guidelines for the outline of your paper. So, to create an outline for MLA paper, you should keep in mind the following aspects that should be taken into account:

  • The font used for the outline should be similar to the font applied for the rest of the paper. Choose from the standard ones like Times New Roman or Arial;
  • Ask your teacher about the details regarding the format of an outline. In particular, you can be requested to use full sentences or introduce a thesis statement;
  • Prefer creating an alphanumeric outline. For it, you should use Roman numerals for main aspects, capital letters for level-1 sub-points, and Arabic numbers for level-2 sub-points;
  • Remember to mention every paragraph of your paper in the outline.

Why Is an Outline so Important?

An outlineis the very foundation of your paper. Thanks to it, you will be able to cover all the necessary information in the text. Besides, your tutor will be able to coordinate you on time and advise on some points to be added, changed, or eliminated.