How to Make the Best UK CV?

In your career, you will one day have to write your CV in English. Whatever your country, it is a good way to show your language level to companies where English is the usual language. It can also be very useful if you intend to apply for a job in the UK. Here are some essential points to know imperatively!

The particularities of a UK CV

An English CV can be one to two pages maximum. It is common to exceed one page to make the document airier, and not to put all sorts of information even if some of them are irrelevant to the job sought. For your convenience, you can find a cv template uk online. The photo is not mandatory, it remains optional. You can put it on the document if you feel comfortable and if the photo is totally appropriate. It also depends on the position targeted. In marketing, the photo is recommended because you have to show off yourself. And it is a good way for the recruiter to remember you. On the other hand, your English should be flawless, and it is important to be careful not to mix British English with American English.

The Section of a UK CV

Personal Details: this section must imperatively mention only the last name, first name, address and telephone numbers (work and home). No information on sex, age, and situation should be provided (due to a law on non-discrimination in hiring).

Professional Objective: you can put your professional goals here, but make sure that they add value to your profile by taking into account the needs of the position to be filled.

Education: it is sufficient to mention the diplomas of the graduate studies. It is possible to mention the jobs which made it possible to finance the studies, many British recruiters are sensitive to it.

Training: These are training courses followed as part of your professional activity. Mention only the most significant in terms of duration. This section can also be titled Courses.

Work Experience: it is necessary to be precise with the description of the mission (achievements, figures, responsibilities), but also with the dates (month / year) of each period of activity.

Extracurricular Activities: it is possible to make a separate heading to indicate the associative occupations, whatever they are because they are very appreciated in the United Kingdom.

References: references may be useful for the application. However, it does not appear in the CV. Just put “References available upon request”.