Oleg and Elena Likhach – husband and wife will no longer go to Asian Hawaii

It is important sometimes to “change the picture” so as not to sink into a routine. It would seem that leaving Russia for permanent residence in China is a solution to the problem. But no, even abroad, among the eternal tourists, the spouses Oleg and Elena Likhach, such a need does not disappear anywhere. Having chosen the island of Hainan for the trip, Oleg and Elena decided that they would not go there again.

Spontaneous trips are always the coolest, my husband and I have long understood that the greatest number of positive emotions arise when you do not plan a vacation three months in advance. Backpack, laptop with a camera and let’s go. The same happened with Asian Hawaii.

I’m sitting at home, setting up a website (if you remember, I’m a programmer) and then Oleg says to me, – “Len, will we go somewhere tomorrow”? Actually, I did not think for a second, quickly opened the tickets, and in order not to travel far, somewhere to another country, we decided to relax in China. For all the time that we live here, we have never visited Hainan Island, the choice fell on it. By train from already native Shenzhen can be reached in just 10 hours, and very budget – in terms of rubles, two thousand per person.

The island itself is quite interesting. Hainan is famous for its centenarians, there are more than a thousand people who are over 100 years old. The island also has the largest number of coconut trees per capita. Hainan ranks second in the world in terms of air purity (the first is Cuba).

Our journey took place during a period when the average air temperature was 24 C and it rained half the days. It is worth going to the resort for an abundance of a wide variety of fruits and seafood at an affordable price. And in general, the cuisine is very versatile and you can find anything for every taste. The climate is very pleasant and well tolerated. Humidity is average.

The vast majority of the Chinese who come from the mainland rest at the resort, and this is such a people who are very easy to create noise and crowds, because of which there is nowhere to squeeze through and which create human congestion and traffic jams.

They also have one feature – the locals do not know any language other than their own. If you are not strong in Chinese, then the main assistant in this case will be google translator.

Most street cafes and eateries have a specific smell that will be alien to the traveler. Bank cards are almost never accepted anywhere, as they have their own payment system, if I’m not mistaken – wechat.

The main expense item for us was trips to various attractions, national parks, shows and performances. The best option to save money would be to move around the island on your own and buy tickets at the box office, bypassing the travel agent, however, as elsewhere.

Moreover, the transport interchange is very well developed. Travel by bus will cost 40-130 rubles for two, and a taxi 200-400 rubles, depending on how far you need to go.

Our opinion is that a resort holiday on the island of Hainan is a good adventure – for once.