Immigration Lawyers – When Their Services Are Indispensable

An immigration lawyer is not connected to the US immigration authorities. He or she is an individual practitioner having specialization in this specific field of law. Goldstein Immigration Lawyers is one such immigration attorney that guides their clients through the complicated and confusing immigration law procedure. A wide range of issues pertains to green cards, visas, US citizenship and numerous immigration benefits. The federal nature of US immigration laws enables you to hire a law practitioner in the US state even if you are a resident of another country.

Not all immigration issues involve same levels and layers of complexity. Though none of them features water-like transparency, some are straightforward enough to get you through the process smoothly. For example, if you are planning a trip to the US and will return in 90 days, you may not have to apply for a visa but could (if you are residing in any of the listed countries) apply for a Visa Waive Program to travel.

Many US immigration cases are too complex to give a wider berth to lawyers. In fact, hiring an immigration attorney will save your valuable time, effort and money. With a lawyer by your side, you will have a chance to defend yourself in removal procedure if your application contains any mistake or misinformation.

When Hiring an Immigration Lawyer Makes Sense

Followings are some of the most important situations where there is no alternative to hire a practicing immigration lawyer:

  • You are not certain about if you can qualify for immigration benefits or a green card.
  • You receive government aid while living in America or worry that some other reasons might leave your inadmissible.
  • You are applying for any kind of discretionary relief – for example, a waiver or an asylum, which involves persuasion of the immigration authorities to consider your case as an exception or offer you other benefits that might not be granted to another applicant in the similar position.
  • You need immediate help for an immigration matter.
  • You find it difficult to get a USCIS green card, citizenship or other kinds of immigration benefits, most probably after being asked to provide additional details and evidences.
  • You have received a notice that removal or deportation has already been started against you.
  • You have been expelled from the US and want to apply for a return.
  • Your immigration application was rejected or refused in the past.
  • You have committed a crime or have been charged with a criminal offense and intend to defend yourself against deportation from the US or are willing to make a re-entry into the US.
  • You are planning for a US move or work in an US organization and so need assistance with the immigration procedure.
  • You are overwhelmed with the complexity and volume of immigration-related paperwork and so are pretty sure that dealing with all these will consume your time and/or confuse you to a significant extent.
  • You are planning to apply for an investment-based visa.

These are some of the situations where consulting with an immigration attorney will work to your advantage. Ignoring a learned and experienced lawyer’s help will not only cost you more time and dollars but also destroy your dream of getting a visa, green card or other immigration benefits.