Insurance Companies Always Make a Low Settlement Offer: Don’t Fall for It

If you file an injury claim after being hurt in a car accident, you will be standing up against insurance giants. Insurance companies will usually make the lowest settlement offer if you don’t have a legal representative. They have more resources, leverage, and expertise than you do. And no matter how seriously do your homework, you may still lack the knowledge and experience necessary to prevail in your case. 

Insurance companies assign a claims adjuster to contact accident victims to try to settle the case as quickly as possible. From experience, they know that victims may accept low offers because they don’t know the legal process, they don’t have the time they can dedicate to the claim process, and they have strong financial needs. 

Making a Claim Against an Insurer

Right after the accident, you will need to exchange information with the other party involved including names, contact numbers, and insurance information. Such information is necessary when you file a car accident claim.  Filing a claim can help you get compensated for your damages. But, they will offer an amount that is less than you deserve. 

If you think that offer from the insurance company is too low and does not cover your injury-related expenses, you don’t have to accept it. Insurance claims adjusters will not try to give you a chance to negotiate. Instead, they will try to pressure you to accept their initial offer. An idaho car accident attorney should be able to handle this approach. Your injury will work to make sure the insurance company will pay a fair amount to you. 

Steps to Take When You Get a Lowball Settlement Offer

The first thing you need to do is to contact a lawyer to help you calculate your compensation. This includes both economic and non-economic damages. Your lawyer can make sure you understand your recovery rights and won’t leave out significant elements when calculating the amount you need. 

When negotiating an insurance settlement, the policy limit is a major issue to consider. The insurance company may not agree to an amount higher than the policy limit of their policyholder. And this policy limit may be less than the amount you need. Your lawyer must look for the policy limit of the at-fault driver to understand the possibility of getting the amount you need through the insurance company. Also, this will help you decide if you should pursue a lawsuit.