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The online gaming sector is a multi-million dollar industry. It has its origins in a statement that was approved in 1994 in Antigua and Barbuda. Thus, over the years, online games have been gaining popularity also in Spain. The advantages that Internet platforms have over physical game sites are many. For example, it is much more convenient and practical to enjoy a game of poker or play slot machines from home and at any time. In addition, online game sites offer a wide variety of games often difficult to find in traditional bookmakers. Make a visit to and come up with the solutions now.

There is still a great legal mismatch between countries where online gaming is completely regularized and those where it is totally prohibited.

Traditional game sites vs online game sites: a comparison

There are many more differences between traditional gaame sites and online gaame sites. In both cases you will need to be of legal age, but if you are lucky that in your region online platforms are allowed, you can benefit from many more advantages. Unlike physical gaame sites, if you play online you should not worry about schedules or travel, as you can play from the comfort and discretion of your home.

In online gaame sites, in addition, you have guaranteed participation. It’s over that going to your preferred recreation room and having to spend hours waiting for the poker table to be free. On the other hand, playing online allows you to have a greater variety of games at your fingertips and you will enjoy the so-called bonuses. These are promotions and rewards that players get only for the fact that they have registered to a platform or recommended it to a friend.

The variety of games as an incentive for online gaame sites

As we have mentioned, one of the advantages of online platforms compared to traditional rooms is the wide variety of games that you can access online. The physical game sites do not always have as much diversity as we would like and you may have to travel many kilometres to play that type of poker that you like so much. If you get bored in an online game, it will be very easy to start another without delay.

This flexibility has also contributed to the popularization of the cyber sector both in Spain and in other countries. These platforms attract more and more plurality of players precisely because there is an offer for everyone. Recently, new variants of poker inspired by science fiction have been born on the Internet, something that perfectly exemplifies this greater acceptance of creativity by online platforms.

The online gaming sector, at its best

According to data from last March, the online gaming sector moved more than 17 billion euros in Spain last year. If we compare this figure with that of 2017, this represents a 30.5% increase. This growth extends to all segments of the industry, with betting and game site being the most popular. Bets, in particular, managed to grow by 18.11%, especially thanks to the popularization of sports betting.

And now what?: the future of online games

In this sense, the use of blockchain and other similar systems seems like a good idea to generate that security and trust that users seek both when it comes to protecting their personal data and when making payments. Also the greater presence of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence will make playing on the Internet even more fun than now.