Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary 

My short family trip to Ravanhar’s Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary was truly one of the most fascinating stops amongst various others in Uttar Pradesh. After my parents’ decision to book a licensed and top-rated taxi service in Kanpur, we went on to go on a little adventure in the wild. My last memory of a sanctuary visit remained fresh from the Manali Sanctuary. And it had been more than a decade since so I could not wait to embark on another wildlife adventure.

Upon reaching, I finally witnessed the protection program that made sure to make a home for migratory birds who travel across Tibet, the Himalayas and China during the winter season. Of course, this enchanting land had way more to offer than just such mere basics.

The Avian Beauties

We had made the decision to book a cab from Lucknow to Kanpur and reached the sanctuary with a lot of hours in hand.

Now, I’ve seen plenty of beautiful and exotic birds through postcards, photographs and sometimes, of course, those silly pictorial texts from my family. But to see them in upfront, the grace, the ethereal blend of hues and majestic aura made me feel like the luckiest person out there in the sanctuary.

You’d think it to be just words but the ultimate experience of having a closer look at the most known birds can overwhelm you with joy. Not to forget, before our vacation began, this trip had been on my bucket list for the longest time.

I can’t begin to describe the beauty of the Pheasant-tailed jacana that looks like a painting has come to life. Their long tails and toes were not only a sight to behold for us but it also allows them to wade or walk on shallow waters and floating vegetation.

Up next was the gothic beauty that is the Coot graced our sight with its tiny appearance. You’d think it to be an itsy bitsy little lady adorning their black plumage coat. I could spot one from rather far away as they are quite easy to identify in the open waters. And spotting them on my own was pretty much a little achievement on my end.

The lake we visited was cradled within the emerald lushness that houses the Siberian Cranes that take a short rest there during winters. We gawked at them from afar for their safety and comfort. I later learned that we had been quite lucky since we got to feast our eyes on the many birds from among 250+ species of migratory majesties. To imagine how I was among those who could behold the wonders of the world through the keen eyes of such avian beauties still continues to take my breath away.

Reptiles Around Us

Now, this sanctuary did not limit itself to just birds but also offered up various earthly critters that I personally find quite precious. Hence, I longingly anticipated the reptilian section. If you’re someone who feels a sheer amount of joy from observing the activities of various snakes and their charms, this is the place to be. Or you could just be a Slytherin looking out for your kind just like I was.

The most diverse group of constrictors were inclusive of the milk snake. I sometimes wonder how a species, whose regal reddish hues provide terror in our souls, could have such a name so adorable. But this non-venomous beauty was a sight to behold, what with her black and yellowish blotch marks on scarlet skin. I might have found them the prettiest of them all but this motley of venomous looking colors is what saves them from predators and hunters.

Next, we came across the vipers that had arrived from various areas of the world. Being poisonous, they are under the radar for their venoms and also their lethality to humans. But here at the Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, they seem to be thriving amidst the comfort of a new life.

Deer Park

Keeping myself away from landing a horrible ‘Oh deer’ pun so that my family doesn’t abandon me out of shame, I trotted towards their Deer Park. Here, you can locate the barking deer as well as the spotted ones. All around us were kids squealing with joy after noticing a deer and it brought back fond memories of my childhood and left me with a sense of pleasant longing.


After an entire day of learning and revelation, we made a stop at the sanctuary’s restaurant to eat our hearts out. Finally, it was time to tuck the memories of this enchanted land with its regal inhabitants safely in our hearts and bid goodbye.