Outdoor improvements

During the pandemic, a lot of people turned to improve their homes and outdoor space due to them having more spare time on their hands with the lockdowns being put in place which restricted people to stay at home for long periods. A lot of outdoor improvements involved people having an outdoor room built where they can relax by playing games or having a home bar, groups of friends coming over which can lead to them heading to play at UK casinos not on gamstop over a few drinks and when searching for more sites these groups of friends will head to online entertainment platforms to have a weekly games night in their friend’s new outdoor space.


Home gyms have become very popular to have at your home as well considering the gyms weren’t open for a long period many of us have now turned to have our gym at home. It is not cheap however to kit out a home gym, you could be spending thousands on something to then go back to the gym once they fully reopen. Some house buyers are only looking to buy a house that is already kitted out with one of these rooms either inside or outside the house due to them being used to spending time in them during the time they spent at friends one during the lockdown which has led a lot of house buyers looking for homes that already have one.

One industry that saw a large increase in online traffic from people in these home sports rooms was the gambling industry with groups of friends having a few drinks which can lead to heading to an online casino, and these are being used online by a lot of people who have had this kind of home improvement done with a weekly game or gambling night proving to be very popular amongst people who now have a home game or entertainment room.  

Building trade

Due to the popular demand for these improvements the building trade and building companies are having to reject work with them having such a large backlog of work that needs doing for previous homeowners who are looking to have their own outdoor spaces improved. 

When the pandemic first struck it caused a large increase in outdoor improvements amongst homeowners with covid causing the introduction of lockdowns across the world which led to millions of us spending a lot more time at home either inside or outside the house. This led a lot of people to work in the garden in their new outdoor rooms that they have had built or in the garden itself if the weather was good enough. 

You should now have a better understanding of outdoor improvements and what ones are popular amongst homeowners. 

composite decking

Infographic Provided by NewTechWood America, Inc., a composite decking company