Popular Bets played in online craps

The craps are the most common casino games, though it will be a bit complicated with several bets to be placed during any point while playing the game. The craps are played by rolling a pair of dice with six faces. The players place wagers based on the outcome of rolling dice. In the middle of the game, the players will make several bets; click here to learn more about crap bets. This article gives the new players to craps about some basic bets in the following sections of the article.

Crap bets

Pass line: It is the most common and easy crap bets made by the players. If the player, bet for pass line bet, it means the player is expecting an 11 or 7 on rolling the dice. Suppose it happens the bet amount doubles. If the players roll another figure instead of 7 or 11, then a point is established. If the player does that, the bet amount will be doubled. Else if the player rolls, 2,3 or 12 as the first roll or rolls a seven before the rolling point number, then the players lose the bet.

Don’t Pass Line: This is opposite to the Pass line bet. This bet is played in opposition to the shooter. You won if the machine rolls 2, 12, or 3. Or you should want the shooter to roll a 7, after point establishment.

Come Bets: This type of carp bet can be made only after the establishment of a point. Once the point is established, come bets can be made at any time. After a Come bet, if the machinerolls, 7 or 11, the bet is won. If the machinerolls 2, 3, or 12, the bet is lost. If the machinerolls other than 7, 11, 2, 3, or 12, then that will become your point number. If the machinerolls 7, before the point number is rolled, Come bet wins, and in case the point number is rolled before 7, the Come bet is lost.

Don’t Come Bets

This is an opposite scenario of Don’t Come Bets. This can be made only after the point is established. Once established, it can be made at any time. If the machinerolls 2,3 or 12, you win the Come Bet. Likewise, if the machinerolls seven before the established point number, you win the bet.

Odd bets

This bet can be made only after betting Pass, Don’t Pass, and Come and don’t come bet. This type of bets can ‘take odd’ if the bet on pas Line or Come bet wins. The bet ‘lays odd’, if don’t pass or don’tcome bet wins. If you place a pass bet and you ‘take odds’ then you must have won the original bet like rolling a point number before seven and so you won the odd bets also.

Thus, this article has given a deep insight into the various types of carps bets made while playing craps.