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Portable Air Conditioning


Once summer has entered, we remember this great device that makes us so comfortable being at home and helps cooling your home by climate control experts. Yes, I’m talking about air conditioning. The problem is that we usually remember him once we are fully immersed in the middle of summer, and as expected, the heat is pressing, and we can hardly stop at home.

When we are in this situation, the most exciting and economical option to install an air conditioner at home is the cold heat portable air conditioner.

Portable Cold Heat Air Conditioner

A hot-cold laptop works precisely the same as a conventional computer. The only difference we can find is that there are one tube or two tubes.

The one of a tube, basically what it does, is that it produces the cold air inside the house, recirculating the room’s hot air and lowering its temperature. The disadvantage is that to carry out the condensation, it also takes the air from inside the house and then throws it out into the street; therefore, the performance will not be 100% optimal.

The two-pipe system has the advantage that one of them catches the air to carry out the condensation and the other one to expel it then. Therefore it does not have to take the air from inside the cabin translates into an increase in performance.


These teams’ advantage is the ease you have to transport them from one place to another in the house with minimal effort. That you have the equipment in the living room because you are watching TV or having dinner with family members and it is time to go to bed, then take it, unplug it and take it to your room without any problem. Also, they have wheels for greater ease of transport.

As a general rule, they are usually cheaper than split air.

Being hot and cold, you can use it both for air conditioning in summer and for heating in winter, so it is an appliance that you will give widespread use.


The main disadvantage of this portable equipment is that the compressor is in the indoor unit. The noise can be somewhat higher than a conventional air conditioning unit; it also has limited power.

It also depends on the budget you have; this is like everything; the higher your budget, the higher quality you will get when buying your equipment.

Although you can always choose cold-only equipment and save a cost on your purchase, you always have the option of being able to choose cold-only equipment. All this depends on the geographical situation in which you are.