Pretty Makeup editor Android

Beauty is one thing that is loved by all, irrespective which part of the world they live, gender, and age. If one looks back centuries ago many books, like fairy tales were centred on beauty. It is only natural that anyone wants to look their best. Hope the Male folk will not get hurt here in saying beauty is more applicable to the female folk.

Ask any female and to look beautiful will be a priority that’s on their wish list. Years ago, to look beautiful one had to physically make up before facing a camera. With the sophisticated technological development that rapidly took place in cameras, the photography industry turned a new leaf. Let’s focus on such an App that has come about. Its name Pretty Makeup – Beauty Photo Editor Selfie Camera App will take whatever to produce the most lively and beautiful images. Here’s a summery of its beautiful features, made user friendly and easy to use.

Features of Pretty Makeup Editor App

Real Time–the app in seconds will respond to a command or an input.

Filters–with the App’s beauty filters will make the skin look the best with the right smoothness, slimness with the best light. Image couldn’t look any better.

Stickers–With the many varieties of Motion Stickers make the photos to look more cooler and that more attractive.

Key of Beauty–select the photos. This key will automatically apply the beauty function to make the photo even more beautiful looking and natural.

Hair Makeup –choose the best hairstyle from the many, that makes you stand out. Now apply the best colour to it. Keep changing from time to time if you want a change of looks.

More – features to glamour make up. With Foundation add the right pre finesse. Now touch on the lips, eyebrows

Apply personalized eyeshadow, touch on the eyelids to make them blush. With the right tone eye colour make your eyes to glow. Feautured are hundreds of colours and tones for you to select.

Accessories– earrings, eyewear,hats,necklaces,bangles,make up, an amazing range to add more glamour to those beautiful photos.

Head to toe–with such a breathing offer of features on beauty be assured that you will look out of this world.


Guaranteed that this beautiful Pretty Makeup Editor App is no ordinary but a very special one. It will perform to keep up its reputation as the name implies. Whilst you install this exclusive App in your smartphone Why not gift one to your fiancée or wife? They are bound to be thrilled and will love you more for the well thought gift. Beauty sure will surround to keep you happy and relaxed through out any hectic day. Female folk here’s a warning! All these super glorious looking cool photos are bound to make others viewing them jealous. Its only natural. Do not worry!

There are many beauty camera editors and camera apps like B612, Candy Camera, YouCam perfect and etc. All those Android camera apps are free to use and has many unique beautifying filters.