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Proper real estate etiquette for homebuyers who find a listing they want

You’ve been saving for years to be able to afford your dream home. And you’ve been browsing the real estate market for months in anticipation of finding the right home in the right location.

When you finally spot a house that you absolutely must see in person, it’s easy to be unsure of your next steps. Keep reading to learn more about navigating this important stage of the home-buying process.

Should I Contact a Real Estate Agent Directly

While this may feel like a strange move for some, contacting a listing agent directly may be the best bet for getting your foot in the door. But if you’re already working with a buyer’s agent, your first move should be to contact them.

After all, they are the person you’ve been working with throughout the home buying process. However, there is no set rule that says you must go through a buyer’s agent first.

If you aren’t actively looking to make a purchase and are simply curious about a home, make sure that you are clear about your motives with the listing agent. Let them know that you’re in the early stages of the buying process and that you aren’t currently working with a buying agent.

Do I Need to Sign an Agreement to View a Property?

Touring a home shouldn’t require that you sign any documentation. If a listing agent does ask that you sign something, make sure that you read over it carefully. In some cases, they may ask that you sign a disclosure regarding the agency — which is required by local laws in some area.

Some listing agents may ask that you sign an exclusivity agreement that says they represent you for this property and any properties that you look at moving forward. While this is a rare occurrence, you should always be clear on what you’re signing before viewing a property.