Shopping Checklist: Most Important Points in Choosing an Induction Cook Top 

Are you interested in using induction hot plate for cooking? It is totally understandable since there are many benefits that you can get from utilizing it, such as cheaper to maintain and allowing user more control. 

When you check for options in Sri Lanka for hot plates and induction cookers, you will be overwhelmed by the number of offerings. The good news is, you have a wide range of options that it will be hard not to find the one that suits your budget and style. 

On the other hand, the shopping process can be a lot more finicky. For the best induction cooker prices in Sri Lanka, it is wise to do so at popular shopping sites such, daraz etc..

What constitute a good induction cooker? There are some standard criteria that the tool should fulfill. The most important feature that it should have is safety feature. In general, this cooking equipment is a lot safer than traditional cook top. 

It is because the induction cook top only heats up when making contact with the pan. Nonetheless, overheating can still occur on the top’s surface, though. Issues with the voltage can also happen. Thus, having a good warning system when such situations arise is expected.

Functional features should be the second thing that you look at when choosing for the right model. This type of cooker is popular because user has more control when operating it. Not all models are packed with desirable functional features, though. 

The most useful features that you will find helpful to your cooking activities are power adjustment, temperature control, and timing system. Model that you choose should have those three features and if there are some additional features, it will be better.

Maintenance requirement is another thing that you should consider in the shopping stage for an induction hot plate. You should see what is required to clean the cook top. 

Usually water and soft detergent would be enough to clean your cooker, but some models may require you to purchase certain cleaning products. Hot plates are not necessarily the same as induction cookers. Check out these offers on hot plates and induction cooker prices in Sri Lanka and see how they differ.

You should also check on user’s reviews about the necessity of replacing parts. The parts should be easy to obtain in the market so if any part of your cooker breaks, you will be able to replace it instead of having to discard the entire system.

The induction cooker should also be sturdy and enduring. When investing on this cook top, you would expect to be able to use it in various cooking situations. Unfortunately, certain models were not designed to handle heavy things on top of them. 

It means that you are only limited to use the cook top for cooking simple things like pan pasta or just moderate amount of liquid. You need to check on the body material of the cook top as well as the weight that it can handle prior to buying.

Last but not least, you need to see what kind of bonuses you will get when purchasing a model of induction hot plate. Some products come with pans that are designed to work with the cooking system. The warranty period must be scrutinized as well. You should check how long the warrant works and how you can claim it if necessary.