Should You Work with a Customs Broker when Bringing Goods into the U.S.?

If you want to import to USA, you must find a good customs broker to partner with and assess qualifications. This way, you can go through a smooth customs clearance process. 

When it comes to global trade, clearing customs is an important step to take. Securing customs clearance can be a complex process. Finding an experienced broker involves doing your due diligence and researching. You can start your search by checking the CBP list of licensed customs brokers. Ensure the broker you choose specializes in the kind of good you are importing, has a proven track record of success, and provides competitive rates. 

Reasons to Work with a Customs Broker

Not all importers should work with a customs broker. But if you are into global trade, a customs broker can help you navigate customs regulations and procedures. Your broker can ensure you comply with such regulations and ensure clearance for your goods upon entry or exit. Often, it makes sense to hire a customs broker if the goods you want to bring to the U.S. is worth more than $2, 500. Also, if these goods need to comply with other government agency regulations, you need a broker to help you with compliance. Also, you should consider hiring a broker if you are shipping perishables and high-value goods. 

Benefits of Hiring a Customs Broker

Recently, the popularity of customs broker platforms allows importers to find and work with the right broker. such a platform lets you manage the clearance process online. The following are the main benefits of working with a broker:

  • Convenience. You can easily find a broker who meets your needs without spending time and energy searching through directories and calling brokers. 
  • Competitive rates. With some brokers, you may be asked to compare prices and services from several brokers. This allows you to find the perfect deal for your needs.
  • Transparency. Usually, online platforms give more transparency in the brokerage process. In turn, this allows you to monitor your shipments and stay informed at each stage of the clearance process. 
  • Time-savings. You can save time by completing tasks online; instead of, visiting a broker in person.

But you need to research thoroughly and compare various platforms before you pick one. You want to make sure your chosen platform meets your particular needs. Also, keep in mind that pricing is not everything. Thus, it’s best to partner with a customs brokerage firm that focuses on giving quality services.