Slot machine cheats that don’t work 

Many gamblers have superstitions and it’s important not to let superstitions and “slot machines cheats” that really don’t work dictate your gameplay, as this can lead to you losing money and not having a great time, either. Here are some of the most common superstitions that have stuck with many players for generations – find out more.

A better chance of winning if you pull the slot lever rather than pushing the “spin” button 

This was an old superstition where slot games used to have a pull level on the side of the game, and how slot machines got their nickname of “one-armed bandits”. This tip is, of course, completely false and the result would be exactly the same no matter if you pressed the spin button or pulled the lever, as the outcome of the symbols on the reels is completely random and cannot be influenced by how you choose to spin the reels. It’s just down to personal preference, and perhaps how strong you want your arm muscles to be!  

Playing on a different gamer when your luck is bad will mean you’re more likely to win 

Of course, if you’re on a losing streak and you don’t want to continue to play anymore or want to try another game, there’s nothing wrong with that at all, but the motivation for playing another game should be to make sure your gambling remains fun for you, and not because of an underlying belief that switching games will give you a better chance of winning – this simply isn’t the case! In brick and mortar casinos some players believe a great cheat is being in a “lucky seat” but this isn’t the case.  

Bet more when you’re onto a winning streak 

The main thing to always stick by is to stay within your own budget and don’t go over your bankroll as this can lead to problem gambling – you should only gamble what you can afford. Some players believe that a gambling hack is that you should bet more when you’re on a winning streak. This might pay off for you and you might well continue on your winning streak, but there is no guarantee of this and just because you’re winning currently doesn’t dictate what will happen next. Don’t let superstition rule your betting and understand the odds of the game you’re playing first and foremost! Also, don’t keep playing only because you’re on a winning streak, there’s nothing wrong with walking away and quitting while you’re ahead! 


Slot machines, both online and in brick and mortar casinos are governed by luck and the results are randomly generated so there is no real way of predicting the outcome. This means that strategy cannot really be applied to slots and there are no real slot machine cheats that work in terms of cheating the slot machine, especially not with superstitions! So, the main strategy to stick to when playing slots is to have fun and stay within your bankroll limit to guarantee a good time!