Spiritual gift compassion: read these unique gift ideas in 2021

Can you imagine what it would be like to live on a planet full of spiritual wounds, resentment, anger, disappointment, along with a firm desire for revenge? Forgiveness and showing compassion is essential to our survival as a species. Without it we would have already annihilated each other long ago in a brutal cycle of reckoning. And gift is the only way to show compassion. Today we bring you original ideas to give to a spiritual, conscious and modern person. Spiritual people are committed to their spiritual growth, they want self-healing tools.

Stones, Gems and Minerals

Stones, minerals or crystals, call it what you want – they drive us crazy. They have many properties at the energy level and they are also beautiful. In this case, we recommend an amethyst, which is a type of quartz that has very spiritual qualities. It provides inspiration, improves intuition and balances our body-mind-spirit. Or, you can buy spiritual jewelry items specific to compassion.

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Ecological and healthy reusable bottle

Most of us try to lead a life that causes the least possible environmental impact. Therefore, we are reluctant to consume so much plastic and when we have no choice but to do so, we will recycle it later. This gift is made of materials that do not give off toxic substances and therefore, our water will be free of contaminants for our body. So we love it for its double benefit – it does not harm the planet and it does not harm our health.

Gifts for women 

A ZAFU is a perfect gift for a woman with spiritual interests. Meditation is highly recommended and sometimes when we do it on the floor in the Indian style, we feel annoyed by spending time in that position. The solution is to make the hips a little elevated and there are several options, the perfect option is the yoga block, or a ZAFU.

Books on astrology

Anyone who considers herself spiritual is going to be fascinated by the universe, the stars, planetary movements, the moon and the way in which all this influences us. Astrological books would be an ideal option.

Spiritual jewelry

Women love to receive gifts. And if the gift is a spiritual jewelry with a gem stone according to her zodiac sign, it would surely add more charm. There are gold plated and silver spiritual jewelry available online, be it necklace, bracelet, rings, pendants, etc.