Spy software is most usually used by parents. 

Instagram is a social media platform possessed by Facebook which is used particularly for sharing pictures as well as short videos. Yet you need to access their email. If you do then the toughest part is already done by you.

Go to the Instagram page and type the username as well as press on the forgot password option. Then you can select to use their email or user name to reset the password. You don’t have to select the phone number as the request is to reset the password will be sent to their smartphone. 

Then that person will know someone is trying to open their account. Whenever you finish with the reset request then an email from Instagram will enter. You have to click on the email as well as follow the link to change the password as well as an email to your own. 

Then you have to enter the same information into your phone as well as then logged out. Then the person will automatically log out from their phone as well as they are unable to use it. 

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If you get the person’s phone whom you want to hack then you have to make sure that it is unlocked, then you have to open their Instagram as well as go to their setting. Also when their phone is unlocked then you may say some lie to unlock the phone by them. 

If you want to monitor your family or friend or someone account to see what they doing or who are messaging them without stealing their account. You only need to download Instagram compatible spy software on the Target phone. 

In this, you can watch their moves as well as find out what they are doing on social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. If you download this app on someone’s mobile then you have to make sure that you can hide it in a folder. 

You have to download on their phone because without download you are unable to know anything about moves, messages, or anything. 

There is also a hacking tool available which is known as InstaRipper, it is the best app that can hack anyone’s password by guessing it as far as you don’t give him rights to do it. Many people try to guess people’s passwords but they fail to do that.