The Average Cost of Using Tour Companies for Traveling

When planning an excursion, the question may arise whether hiring tour companies versus traveling own your own is a worthwhile choice. Cost is often a factor here, but what it really boils down to is whether you want to explore at your own pace, plan all the logistics yourself and take a chance traveling solo in a foreign country. That being said, let’s talk about average tour company prices.

Cost Estimates with Tour Companies

The true cost of any trip whether planned on your own or with a travel company will depend on the time of year, travel destination, length of travel, and the level of luxury desired for the experience.

For example, the average cost of a tour company package for a 22-day European experience is $3,875 or $176 per day without airfare. However, the cost for a do-it-yourself trip can range between $50 lower or higher than these daily costs. Because they are similarly priced, what are the perks of booking with tour companies that make them worthwhile?

Priceless Inclusions: The convenience of private guides with tour companies is invaluable, as they are familiar with the local attractions and knowledgeable about destinations. Companies also handle planning everything, and there’s no price that can be put on your time.

Accommodations: Hotel rooms in Europe’s larger, more traveled cities average $140 nightly. However, you can find great deals online and tour enterprises often have arrangements for group rates, so this one is a tossup cost-wise.

Transportation: Typically included in tour packages, you’ll be own your own for transportation without a group. Costs average between $20-$40 daily depending on location and method of transport.

Meals, Drinks and Snacks: Finding food can be expensive and daunting in foreign countries, but tour packages often get deep discounts, making their meal-inclusive options a better deal than chancing on your own. Over 22 days, you can save hundreds with group tour deals.

Attractions: Again, those group discounts can pay off if you want to take a lot of side excursions and go to local tourist attractions. Discounts range from $20-$50 daily depending on activities.

Essentially, there are not many differences in the actual cost of the average trip, but what price can you put on convenience and opportunities to connect with other companion travelers? click here