The delightful and thrilling game of Carrom

When the summers approached, the evenings were meant to be enjoyed outside. But the afternoons were meant for being cooped up in the house, playing carrom with your friends! Carrom has been around for decades and the origin of this game is a little hazy. This game is loved by people of all ages. The older generation loves to show off their skills while the younger show off their newly acquired tricks. This is an inclusive game and even though you’re are not playing, you can get sucked into this game because of the intensity and thrill.

Carrom essentially needs a carrom board, nine white disks, nine black discs, and one red disc, and a white striker. The red one is known as the queen and as the name suggests, is a pivotal part of carrom. There are different versions but the ultimate goal is to pocket the discs of your team’s colour first.

Why play carrom online?

Playing carrom online is not the same as playing it offline. It is much better! For starters, you don’t need to buy and maintain the big carrom board. The board only works if the wood is leveled. There should be no bumps and pits. While you play carrom online, you needn’t worry about such things. It takes a lesser amount of space. Your opponents might be all over the world and you can still enjoy as if they were across the board from you. The best games of carrom are with friends and family. The ruthless competitiveness is a driving factor and the wins mean so much more. You can enjoy this feeling even if you are miles apart.

When you wish to play carrom on Gamezy, you simply have to download the app and get started right away.

How to play carrom online?

If you wish to play carrom for real cash prizes, you can do so by entering games and tournaments with an entry fee. As soon as the game starts, the colour of your discs is allotted. You can see a position bar for your disc. Once your position is set, you can decide the amount of strength you wish to apply. The angle can be set and you can start striking to victory. There is a time limit allotted for each turn and if you do not play within that time, then you forfeit your turn. Every disc pocketed and every foul is counted and the winner is declared at the end of the match. Once the queen is pocketed, you have to pocket a disc of your colour to avail the points of the queen. You can also communicate with your opponent through emojis and engage in friendly banter. If you are just practicing for a bigger game, you can play for free! If you need thorough step-by-step guidance on how to play carrom online, you can click the question mark in the app and you will be provided instructions.

Carrom is a game of concentration and skill. The only way to get better is to practice and keep coming back to the board.

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