The Importance Of Using Scion Staffing

 Why Scion Staffing?

Scion Staffing is a full-time search service provider, a temporary staffing firm, and a direct-hire firm. Created in 2006, Scion Staffing has helped a million candidates and clients connect in the locals and all over the United States. The services at Scion Staffing are designed to bring out extraordinary candidates any client desires. It also offers job-searchers an excellent opportunity to find their careers.

Scion’s success is defined by its commitment to providing excellent services and giving managers outstanding candidates that fit their working culture and requirements as they care about the people they serve. All candidates and clients are essential in their connected world.

Temp agency have no biased ideas- they listen to your needs and connect you with the right candidate and talent you need to hire. They have grown a massive candidate network because of the professional relationship with local organizations, businesses, individuals, and groups.

Devoted clients are given unparalleled reach to top candidate networks all over the nation and Seattle Metro Region. They also have a diverse, vast, and exceptional network of private candidates at local and national levels.

Scion Staffing and recruiting features five service divisions; technology, medical, education, executive search, and corporate services.  Under each service division, there are comprehensive departments each recruiter specializes in, like; accounting and finance, marketing, manufacturing, health care. Design, human resources, legal, administration, support, communication, supply chain, nonprofit, operations, engineering, logistics, information technology, support, and customer services

Scion Staffing Services

Scion Staffing is a proven executive search and recruitment both at the local and national level. It has worked for hand in hand with its clients and exceptional candidates to derive top range work strategies. Scion, as an executive search, it knows the advantage of interacting and retaining the right staff. It is one of the crucial tactics employers can implement.

It offers national and international search methodology, plus clients can access a network of over 15million multi-sector top candidates. Clients also access the private system of industry executives. They build a comprehensive system of candidates for all executive openings. These administrative levels include;

  • Administration; Comprises of the chief of staff, managers, and administrative directors
  • Executive leadership; they are the chief executive officer, director, and president.
  • Marketing; comprises of manager, director, and VP.
  • Finance and accounting; comprises of director, manager, controller, VP, and CFO.
  • Human Resources; Director, generalist, VP, HRIS, CHRO
  • Information technology; director, VP, manager, CTO
  • Sales; VP, account executive, manager, and director
  • Creative; manager, executive, VP
  • Health and medical care; manager, director, VP, medical director
  • Legal; attorney, legal director.

Scion Services Methodology and Search Process

Temp agencies Staffing offers executive and comprehensive search services to all businesses. They take care of your placements and services. Below is a list of services they offer their clients;

  • Recruiting, leveraging the vast candidate group.
  • Analysis; learning, planning, and creating a good recruitment schedule that is appropriate
  • Evaluation; doing it thorough
  • Screening; the firm has highly skilled staff
  • Networking; casting a wide net range
  • Client interviews; they schedule the consultation for the candidate.
  • Background and reference Checking; going through the background and reference checking in details
  • Candidate presentation; deliver the right candidate to the client.
  • Final offer, making it happen.

Scion Staffing intends and for the last fourteen years, given the best administrative temporary services to Seattle. They care about the services they offer and the clients they serve. Their professional services are characterized at the primary level, thus retaining a standard service. They believe in dedication to their clients is what makes them a popular service search.

They are guided by the following core values when conducting their services;


They do the best thing. They listen to their customers’ views while communicating with them and deliver what they promise to their devoted clients.


They are committed to everything they engage in. they aim to give durable services to their staffing clients and believe that success comes from commitments and dedication to offer valuable services.


They believe in not only transactions but also the retention of good relationships. They take great note of every commitment and promise they make.


A diverse team is necessary for success and not only for strength. They cooperate with their clients in each step to ensure the application, interview, and hiring process of a candidate is beneficial and equitable.


Their passion for helping job-seekers get their desired jobs is their goal. They take pride in any success when a candidate receives a great client.


The Scion Staffing team is open to challenges to deliver quality services while increasing their clients’ reputation.


Scion Staffing is one of the best on the United States list of firms that provide practical and executive services at the local and national level. They provide their clients with an exceptional talent for hire in the Seattle Metro Region and other regions.