The most interesting aspects of the artificial inteligence’s activity

Artificial intelligence has taken another step forward. Now it not only analyzes information but also generates content. With the help of AI, you can draw pictures or write texts, check grammar and spelling, etc. Thus, AI can be used in the nude industry as well. Do you want to know how? Read the article below. 

How is AI transforming the entertainment space?

AI is transforming the media and entertainment space. This undoubtedly plays an important role in increasing the efficiency of the processes involved in the world of entertainment. Artificial intelligence also improves online casino customer service and support. Because AI forces chatbots to distinguish between primary keywords, it is ideal for use in live chat options when customers have questions or concerns. This means that you can get answers to your queries right away, and you don’t have to wait any longer. 

How does the Nudify application work?

The operating principle of the AI nudufier is based on artificial intelligence, which was “taught” to change images in uploaded photos in a special way. The “nudity” of the girl in the picture occurs according to the following algorithm:

  • The user uploads a photo. In this case, the creators recommend sending a photo with a girl standing upright and wearing a minimum of clothing.
  • Artificial intelligence recreates a certain picture, taking into account skin color, the nature of the location of shadows, and other factors.
  • Based on the resulting picture, the AI finds matches with other images that are stored in a previously created database.
  • Having made comparisons with the previously downloaded and saved photographs, the AI changes the person’s appearance by removing clothes.

So, if you want to control your content before you publish or share celeb nudes or some other photos, install the app on your device.