The Sun Is Not Over Yet! Enjoy A Delightful October In Menorca

With October upon us, the festivities and events have not stopped. Almost two years after the COVID pandemic started activities have been becoming more and more normal.

However, with the change of seasons and with the wide range of options offered by the area of ​​the Balearic Islands, it can be quite difficult for tourists or locals to decide what they want to do, by or which in this post we will offer some ideas of activities to do in Menorca in this season.

Moving around the island is now easier than ever!

Although the frequency of tourism has decreased significantly, public transport still operates fairly regularly.

In addition to this, the rent a car menorca services have become more affordable for the general population.Not only is it an efficient way to avoid the inconveniences of public transportation, such as schedules or limited capacity, but it is also an excellent way to increase your own security in the face of health measures against COVID.

Enjoy the last days of sun!

Although it is true that already in October the cooler winds of autumn begin to feel in most places in these latitudes, the privileged location of Menorca provides it with extra time of warm temperatures and, in general, a fairly friendly climate even when winter sets in.

Visiting the virgin beaches around the island is a great way to enjoy your stay on the island. It is also advisable to avoid the busiest hours in order to have a better appreciation of the peace and beauty of the island.

If during your visit you still have time to enjoy the warmer days, going snorkeling or kayaking could be one of the best alternatives for the family.

However, the island’s natural beauty does not fade with the arrival of cooler days. Menorca continues to have the best places on all the islands to dare to go hiking; It is no accident that it is the venue for major marathon events every year, attended by participants from all over Spain and the world.

the Menorcan culinary section is quite striking as well. Not only can you have a huge variety of restaurants that mix an incredible variety of Mediterranean flavors and local delicacies, but in the more traditional section it also has a lot to offer. Menorca is one of those magical places where the quality of artisan productions has remained intact for generations.