The Vintage Casinos of Atlantic City

Atlantic City is home to more than 31 casinos. About 22 of them are operating online, while nine of them are land-based. One of the advantages of having these casinos is the great crossover potential between land-based and online play for the residents.

These casinos offer world-class gambling together with another array of amenities. In this city, you will find casinos themed after various worldwide locales and periods from the Gold Rush era to the history of Rock ‘n Roll to the Roaring ‘20s. Here are the vintage casinos of Atlantic City:

Borgata Hotel Casino

This casino was established in the year 2003, and it’s one of the best casinos in Atlantic City. It offers many gambling activities, pampered spa treatments, and great dining opportunities. Here, you can get a massage between sessions at the tables. There is live entertainment with a rotating selection of great live local and international music acts.

The Shoppes at the Water Club offers a wine boutique to sample what you are seeking before purchasing it. Bartenders at the Borgata Hotel Casino are highly trained to describe the distinct vintage bottlings. There are many variations within these collections in terms of aroma, taste, and cask-driven color.

Parx Casino New Jersey

Many gamblers have opted to play at online casinos nowadays. Due to that, some traditional US casinos, such as Parx, have decided to expand their audiences to other states including New Jersey.

Although it is only available online in Atlantic City, Parx Casino New Jersey brings a nostalgic vibe to players with its fruit machines and juicy jackpots. Originally from Pennsylvania, Parx Casino (formerly Philadelphia Park Racetrack and Casino) is in the market since the ’70s.

Harrah’s Atlantic City Casino

Harrah’s Atlantic City Casino is the perfect casino to pull the slots and take a cooking class. This casino was established in the 1980s to offer diverse opportunities like pool games, nightclubs, spas, and gambling activities. You can spend your precious hours playing golf for fun in the sun.

It operates 24/7, and you can spend a few hours of the night gaming here with the famous keno parlor that hosts games every five minutes with massive payouts. Then, you can spend your earnings on the great vintage collections offered at the on-site restaurant. There are lots of Caribbean refreshments that await you at the bar and grill. These include various boutiques showcasing wines, cookware, jewelry, apparel, and gifts.

Golden Nugget Casino

Golden Nugget casino is one of the oldest casinos in Atlantic City. It was established in 1946. Here, you can play the famous blackjack tournaments. It offers 65,000 square feet of gaming space, dining, and shopping. This casino is famous for its weekly head-in-pulse-pounding tournaments. When you are done with the gaming, you can hit a boutique clothing shop or enjoy great vintage collections of wine offered.

The vintage golden nugget section offers the best, unique, and custom handmade pieces from different collections. The shops can offer vintage wine glasses at affordable prices. The bar in this casino offers an exclusive experience with its great wine selections, a wonderland of coved ceilings, glass panels, and wrought iron. Gambling is one of the great things to do in Atlantic City, whether you are in the mood for slot machines, poker, or the classic table game.