These are the Components that Make an e-cig Unique

Since the introduction of the electronic cigars in the market, so many people have developed interest to understand the technology behind its development. If you belong to this category that needs to understand more about it, then you are reading the right article. This article shall put the differences between the traditional cigar and an electronic cigar side by side so that you can perfectly understand how different the two are. From the onset, it is important to note that the traditional cigar is made from the simplest technology that you can ever think of. This is so contrary to what is the case with the e-cig. The latter is manufactured out of the complicated process. It has several components that work in unison for the device to deliver the services that it is meant to deliver. This is so different with the traditional cigar which manually burn the dry solid tobacco and this leads to the production of the smoke that is then inhaled in terms of puffs. In both cases, the tobacco is inhaled though in different forms as this article shall highlight later on. The following are therefore some of the components that are working together to enable the e-cig deliver the puffs;

  • Heating element
  • Electronic liquid
  • Rechargeable lithium battery

Heating element

As opposed to what normally happens with the traditional cigar, the electronic cigar has a special heater that is fitted within the device. To be specific, it is fitted within the small tank in the device that is called a reservoir. The heater is meant to boil the liquid at the highest temperatures so as the liquid gets vaporized. After vaporization, this leads to the production of the vapor or steam that the vaper is supposed to take in through inhaling. This process takes place within the shortest time possible. This is a clear feature that is used to make comparison between these two types of cigars.

Electronic liquid

This is just the extracts from tobacco that is meant to be added to the reservoir of your device from time to time. This is because of the fact that after several processes of subjecting the liquid to high temperatures, the reservoir is bound to run dry. It is therefore advisable that you need to keep on checking the levels so as you can refill for you to keep the device working. It can be faulty if you the device heats up and the tank is empty. This should therefore be one of the routine managements of the e-cig device if you intend to give it a longer life.

Rechargeable lithium battery

The battery is so crucial as far as the e-cig is concerned. This is because it is the battery that is supposed to supply the power needed by the device for it to run most of the system than needs power for them to operate. Being rechargeable, it needs to be recharged from time to time for it to keep on making sure that an e-cig is working pretty well.