Tips to buy the best Xbox headsets

If you are anything like me, the area around you is being tangled with TV. With all the accessories besides an HD TV, freeways box, Blair player and Xbox 360, it’s easy to mess with your feng shui for your tech gadgets. This is why if you are looking to buy a headset for your Xbox 360, you will want to avoid any wired ones, such as the Triton AX 720 or AX Pro or one of the Total Beach headsets, at the top of the line.  For me it would be easy for you to understand and agree that Turtle Beach X41 is one of the best Xbox headsets because it is wireless, but hopefully I will explain why the X41 is a great headset – wireless Or not. Presenting to you here are the Best Xbox gaming headsets for your better gamming and enjoyment.

Although wireless has a noticeable advantage over many other headsets, setting up the x41 is incredibly easy, powering the unit with just a simple USB cable, and batteries for the headset – done. Chat Lounge this is especially apparent when you compare it to the Triton X Pro which is a complex setup, and has a lot of search wires.

 Hard to beat the sound quality

The Turtle Beach X41 headset has a sound quality that is hard to beat, Dolby Virtual 7.1 surround sound that breathes new life into your games. Imagine that you are stepping in and moving behind you and reacting quickly to take it. Something that would be possible with a headset without directional sound is. With a whole host of configuration options, build quality and the fact that it’s wireless, Turtle Beach x41 is a great choice for Xbox gaming.

I work hard all day at a customer support job, and I’m taking a knight’s class so I can finish my degree and get a better job. 

Better playing of games

It could hear all kinds of details that I didn’t even know where I was playing when I used my speaker: in one game, I could actually hear the sound of my opponent’s gun when it sounded heavy. The sound quality alone gives the Turtle Beach Wireless Xbox headset a great advantage. The only problem is my roommates don’t share their schedule. One morning at 4:30 to get to work, another 5:30. They didn’t appreciate the bombs and gun shots at midnight, and my voice level was loud enough to make sure my gaming companions on the chat could hear me in the background noise. The message was clear: stop the midnight games or get somewhere else to stay.

Headsets are also extremely comfortable 


Some of my friends have other brands’ headsets and some of these ear pads are made of vinyl that barely covers your ear. My Turtle Beach XBOX wireless headset is better. The ear pads are very large; they move around your entire ear and do not pinch. And the pads are covered in a breathable mesh fabric so that the ears don’t sweat all while you play.