Two innovative ways of using the cantilever racks for e-commerce storage purposes.

Cantilever racks are known for storing bulky and long items like sheet metals, piping, rods, etc. It is not known for use in the case of high throughput and fast-paced operations like e-commerce distribution and storage. Cantilever racks are a part of heavy-duty storage solutions. There are also light-duty and medium-duty racking systems which are used for the storage of light and medium weight products. If you are looking to get more information about the light-duty racking system, check out light duty racking Malaysia.

Add wired decks for the high-density storage option.

If you want to store light-duty products like shoes, clothing, or small cartoons, you should add via text to the cantilever rack. Outfitting the cantilever rack with a wire decking is very simple. All you must do is place the wire deck on the arm supports. The upgrades need to be flipped in a 90-degree manner to not cross the aisle. Instead, they go down the aisle. This type of stacking creates a continuous shelving option with no obstructions on the front. This allows for items of varying weights to be placed on the system. You do not even have to worry about the weight distribution in this racking style.For more information on cantilever racking, check out cantilever racking Malaysia.

The cantilever rack with a wire decking differs from the other selective racks because these types of racking systems do not have vertical obstructions present from frames. These allow for higher density, space utilization, and selectivity. In the absence of vertical obstructions, the wire decking can span the entire length of the row. This means that you utilize the space more efficiently, and there is higher visibility when you have to take the product out. Like most cantilever applications, wiring of 20 inches to 24 inches depth is allowed. However, certain designs can also go up to 34 inches in depth. For such applications, you must keep in mind that the length cannot be more than five feet. The wire deck can be further turned up on the back end to prevent any inventory from falling off the shelves.

Add hangers and rails for garment storage.

If you do not wish to go with a wire decking system, you can add hangers and rails on the cantilever arms to allow the accommodation of garment hangers. This can act as a heavier duty and high-density solution for hanging apparel in the industrial environment. This is perfect for eCommerce storage as well as distribution.

The cantilever arms can be set up in the same way as you would set up the wire deck system. The rails can be secured to the arm for the storage of different types of apparel.

You can easily design cantilever systems to support a variety of inventory.A few things that you will have to take into consideration are the length, width, height, and depth. These four characteristics of your inventory will be the ones that would determine the correct length, number, and spacing of the cantilever arms.