Understanding the Contingency Fee Structure before Hiring an Attorney

Several personal injury cases would require the services of a reliable and reputed Rockford Personal Injury Attorney. However, the attorney would be working on a contingency fee basis. It implies that the fee of the lawyer for representing the client would be:

  • Deducted from the eventual personal injury settlement in the case of the client, or
  • From the damages awarded to the claim made

The damages awarded would mostly be on a rare occasion when the case of the client makes it all the way to the trial in the court of law. In the event of the client does not receive a favorable decision, or does not receive the claim, the lawyer would not be entitled to any fee.

You would be required to understand a few things before hiring the services of a personal injury attorney.

Percentages in contingency fee

A majority of contingency fee agreements would give the attorney a specific percentage ranging from 33% to 40%. However, you could always look forward to negotiating an alternative agreement or a reduced percentage. Mostly, a personal injury attorney would receive nearly 33% of any award or settlement. For instance, if you were receiving a settlement offer of nearly thirty thousand dollars from the insurance company of the party at fault, you would receive a sum of twenty thousand and the attorney would get ten thousand dollars as a fee.

When to hire an attorney?

You may wonder if you were to represent the case on your own, you would receive the entire amount. However, that is not applicable to all kinds of personal injury claims. You should rest assured that you should have the experience of handling your case on your own before as well prior to you looking forward to handle your personal injury claim.

In addition, you should ensure to abide by two important aspects such as the extent of your injuries and whether it has been clear that the other party is at fault. Otherwise, your best bet would be to log on to Tuite Law and hire a competent attorney.